Sea Breeze is a rought and tumble Pegasus pony. She often is seen with her her group, The The Palm Trees, a group of ponies who perform water and air shows. She claims she is the fastest at flying, because she, like other Pegaus ponies with special environments, can create a Water Boom.

Sea Breeze
Gender Female
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Occupation Member of the Palm Trees
Eyes Red
Mane Blue grape
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Coat Blue mist
Cutie Mark Fog over ocean


Sea Breeze is a Blue mist Pegasus pony with wings similar to Princess Luna's. She's medium-sized and a bit buff compared to her siblings. Her mane is Blue grape and similar in shape to Spitfires. She has a small tail of the same color, as well as sky blue streaks. Her eyes are a bright red, and her cutie mark is fog over ocean.



Hula Hoop - Mother

Cannon Ball - Father

Seashell - Sister

Angelfish - Sister

Hibiscus - Sister


  • "Welcome, Rainbow Dash. I hope you enjoy our peformance." - Greeting Rainbow Dash at one of their Ponyville performances