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Serenity is a Unicorn pony from Fillydelphia.
Kind Unicorn
Gender Female
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Occupation Sixth Knight of the White Knights - First Generation
Eyes Purple
Mane Purple
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Coat Light Pink
Cutie Mark White Dove

Early LifeEdit

Serenity was quiet and shy when she was young. She had high magical properties from a very young age, and she could perform some feats of magic that would take a long time for other Unicorns to master. She went to school in Fillydelphia, but didn't socialize too much. When she was old enough, she moved to Ponyville on her own.

The White KnightsEdit

Serenity joined the White Knights mainly so she could get more training with her magic. She excelled in magical abilities, and wasn't too bad at close combat. She now acts as an illusion master. She uses her magic to confuse and daze enemies, and if need be, make them brain dead. She can take care of herself in close combat, although she isn't as skilled as others, preferring to use her magic to stun enemies before they can even get close. In the planning room, she helps sort through missions and prioritize objectives. She also acts as the medic for the team, using her magic to heal wonuds quickly and restore energy.


Serenity is still sometimes quiet and shy like she was when she was little, but she has learned to open up to her friends and the rest of the knights. She is determined to get tasks done and her organization skills are astronomical, to the point where Twilight Sparkle would be proud. She is kind to others and doesn't want to get in fights. She can usually be persuasive enough to avoid fights when she needs to.


Serenity specializes in affecting the minds of others. She can create incredibly realistic illusions that can confuse an enemy, and she can also make them think they're getting hurt in this state. Although physically it doesn't do anything to them, it can have disasterous effects on the mental state. She can even control the minds of others. She can take control their movements and body functions, allowing her to either incapacitate an enemy, or kill them by shutting off sections of the brain that regulate vital functions of the body, or just shut it off completely, stopping everything cold. The magic required to do this is very high however, and can hurt Serenity if used for long periods of time. She also has amazing curative abilities, able to mend many grievous wounds and restore energy and stanima to top condition.

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