Shadow Spirit
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Created by SlyTheGhost
Species/kind Alicorn
Gender Female
More info
Residence Ponyville
Occupation Unknown
Eyes Blindly Silver
Mane Bloody Red
Coat Gray
Cutie mark

Shadow Spirit is a ghost Alicorn. She is sometimes called Princess Of Spirits.


Black Jacket, Gray coat, Red Hair, silver eyes, Bandage over eye, Silver and Purple bat wings.

Equestria Girls: Red Hair, Bandage over eye,Silver Eyes, Gray Skin, Black Jacket, Purple Shoes, Dark Gray Pants

Equestria Girls Fall Formal: Gray Skin,Bandage over eye, Red Hair, Black Dress, Silver Eyes.

Equestria Girls Fall Formal Ponyfied: Silver and Purple Bat Wings, Bandage over eye, Silver Eyes, Red Hair, Black Dress.

Equestria Girls Ponyfied: Silver and Purple Bat Wings, Red Hair, Black Jacket, Silver Eyes Bandage over eye,.

Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks: Red Yellow and Pink hair, White Shirt, Black Jacket, Silver Eyes, Gray Skin Bandage over eye,.

Equestria Girls Friendship Games: Black Helmet, Bandage over eye, Ornage and Blue suit, Pink gloves with no fingers, Silver Eyes

Crystal: Shiny Gray coat, Bandage over eye, Red hair, Silver and Purple Bat Wings, Silver Eyes.

Rainbow Power: Red Yellow and Pink Hair, Gray coat, Silver Eyes, Silver Red Yellow and Blue bat wings.

Gala: Gery Coat, Bandage over eye, Pink Dress, Red Hair, Silver and Purple Bat Wings. Silver Eyes.


It was a dark and stormy night. Sky Lily reading a book. She didnt notice, but a lightning bolt was coming tward her. Her friend shadow was walking by and saw the lightning bolt coming twoard her friend. She got in front of Sky and the lightning bolt struck her eye. A bandage was over her eye but she died 5 minutes later. She became a ghost that can be seen.


  • "It's ok! Im not that noticed anyway!"- When she accedeintly scares someone and they apoligize.
  • "I have too much pain to deal with!" - When someone is bullying her.


  • She was going to be an evil character but an always sad character fitted her personality.
  • She is obsessed with the famous soda Pepsi


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equestria girl

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fall frmal ponyfied

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Equestria Girl ponyfied

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Rainbow Rocks

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friendship games

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rainbow power

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IMG 20151223 173517

Shadow Spirit with bandage removed