Shadows of Giants

An upcoming crossover between MLP:FIM post season 3 and a new continuity of the Godzilla franchise. The fic ignores the events of Equestria Girls and mixes together elements of previous Godzilla continuities.


Taking place a long time after Twilight's coronation, Fluttershy is sucked into a strange portal and transformed into a human girl where she ends up in Japan. In that world, she is found by a human boy named Kenji. Meanwhile, in Equestria, Twilight, Shining Armor, Spike, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Rarity set off to rescue their friend only to find out their friend has ended up in a world  where humanity wages a war for survival against giant monsters called "Kaiju". To make matters worse, some of the more malevolent Kaiju have turned their attention on the inter-dimensional newcomers. 

Continuity regarding GodzillaEdit

The universe established in Shadows of Giants combines elements of the classic Godzilla films while the timeline each Kaiju appeared is in many ways identical to the IDW comic Godzilla: The Half-Century War while the way the world works is similar to the Guillermo Del Toro film Pacific Rim (classifications for the Kaiju etc). 

Timeline regarding Major EventsEdit

  • 1954: Godzilla Dawn, Godzilla appears in Tokyo, thousands are killed and millions more are either wounded, irradiated or traumatized. Godzilla is thought killed by a weapon called the Oxygen Destroyer only to reappear in Osaka two years later.
  • 1967-2002: The Kaiju Outbreak, multiple Kaiju appear in cities all over the world leading to the establishment of G-Force. (1985 Dr. Shirigami creates Biollante by using the cells of his deceased daughter Erika, G-Cells and rose cells, Biollante is killed by Godzilla and the G-Cells become SpaceGodzilla who appears in 1987 in Bombay).
  • 2004-Ongoing: The Human-Kaiju War


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