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Shark Tooth
A shark
Creator marbles
Artist me!!
Main Attribute nervousness
Theme Color greyish blues
Age 21
Gender androgyne
Occupation local myth
👍 fish, eating, meat, chewing things, chewies, candies, hard things to crunch
👎 being feared, being talked to, her teeth, being mad
Type Earth Pony
Powers and abilities strong jaw strength
no one yet

Shark Tooth belongs to me, Marbles! Please don't use her without permission!


Shark Tooth consists of normally grey-ish blue colors, like that of a stormy ocean. On her flank is a scar of a shark bite, as well as her cutie mark, a single shark tooth. She has a messy, soft and wild mane and tail, not always staying flat.

Shark has prominent teeth sticking from her muzzle, like an alligator. She always has a nervous, tense look on her face. She has dark blue eyes.


Shark Tooth is extremely skittish, despite her kind of dangerous appearance. She acts nervous with talking to other ponies, mostly because of her teeth, but mostly because she has no social interaction.

Despite her being shy and to the near point of panicking, she is quite gentle, and talks in a quiet voice. If she gets angry though, be careful. She is destructive.


Shark Tooth was born on an isle with other ponies, and she was born with sharp teeth. When she was older, she got to live in the mainlands, away from her native island. While at her home, she was rather outgoing, in the mainlands, she grew quiet and reclusive, and even more shy.

One day, while she was getting supplies for her home, she was harassed by ponies from school. The bullies started to mock her and wouldn't leave her, even while at school. One day, while she was doing a project, they went up to her and destroyed it, all while mocking her.

She grew extremely angry and snapped, attacking them. Everyone panicked, and in her rage, made the bullies go to the hospital. Ashamed of herself and what she did, Shark Tooth eventually closed off from the town, who in turn painted her as a monster. She could not move back to her isle, as she would have to board the boat, and she couldn't bare face anyone.

She stayed in the mainlands, sad and scared and mad. And there is where she stays.


  • she is a revamp of an old pony OC that I remade into a sona