Species Blitz
Gender Male
Feathers Blue, Light Blue, and White
Eyes Blue
Shiden is a blitz, and is the pet and best friend of Lightblade, and later Aero Blitz, Lullaby and Light Crescendo.


Shiden is a blitz, or lightning bird. The blitz is a relative of the phoenix. While the phoenix is attributed to fire, the blitz is attributed to lightning, and both birds looks relatively the same save for the bright blue and white feathers of the blitz compared to the red and orange of the phoenix. The blitz live forever, like the phoenix, but instead burst into a surge of electricity before fading into a visible white aura, then it forms back into its original form in a display of lightning. Shiden has the ability to fly increadibly fast, able to keep up with his owner, and at full speed, turns into a lightning bolt. Light first came across Shiden when he was caught in a rockslide and ended up having his wing pinned under a boulder. A young Lightblade vetured into the result of the rockslide and found Shiden. Light lifted up the boulder with his magic and brought the bird home to bandage his damaged wing. When Shiden's wing healed, Light expected the bird to fly off, but instead the grateful blitz stayed with Light as his faithful companion. Shiden is friends with the pets of Lightblade's friends, and also has some feelings for Philomena, Princess Celestia's pet phoenix.


Shiden is a loyal friend to have, not only in daily life, but in combat. He is never one to back down if his friends are in trouble, and will fight to the best of his ability to help. Shiden likes to fly around, mainly with Light, and he also likes to race. He is very smart, and is even one of the best chess players in Equestria, much to everyone else's amazement, confusion, and sometimes annoyance. Shiden is incredibly perceptive, able to detect even the slightest fault in what someone says, and can easily get the whole truth out of someone.


  • Shiden is well over 1000 years old, being born before the first rise of Night Mare Moon.
  • Light can call Shiden to his side at any time from anywhere by sending a specific energy coded lightning bolt into the sky. Shiden will be able to sense where Light is anywhere with this, and can reach him in a matter of minutes depending on distance.
  • Shiden is able to resurrect at will to save his life if need be, and can form back into his baby Blitz form elsewhere. The down side of this is that he has to wait to grow again to get back to fighting.