Shock Value

Shock Value


Shock Value is a fanmade pony created by the wikia user Floating Dreaming. He is a male mustard colored unicorn with a dark turquoise mane and tail. His Cutie Mark is a Broken Mirror.


Unlike the magical abilities of Twilight Sparkle, Shock Value's Magic has more technical elements, he mostly has the ability to to fire pulsing shockwaves equivalent to small earthquakes in the air. Even though this ability is useful against pony-made obstacles such as robots, boats, and various vehicles, his magical powers are nearly useless against supernatural forces.


Shock Value is a mysterious pony, who is assumed to live in one of the uncharted forests outside of ponyville. He is the leader of a team of rejects who fights against forces before they can cause enough damage to reach ponyville, normally, they just stop pony criminals who are trying to escape from the ponyville prisons.


Shock Value is the most emotionally troubled member of his untitled crime fighting team, since as a child, he was always rejected by strangers because of their misunderstanding of his cutie mark. most ponies assume that the broken mirror symbol is a symbol of bad luck, when reality, it shows Shock Value's special talent, which is using his technical magic to repair broken mirrors.

Due to the rejection, he's always been cold to his teammates (he refuses to call them friend, since he thinks he doesn't deserve their friendship) He always questions whether he is a benefactor of the team or not, and regrets of the past are usually running through his mind, sometimes torturing him to the point where he cries when he's alone. When he's in a situation when he's around other people, he can usually act like he lives a normal life with a normal amount of self confidence, but his "teammates" have been around him long enough to see through his facade.

Fan Fiction Appearances

Shock Value has been a character that Floating_Dreaming hs considered to add to a fanfiction. The current plot so far is:

Alien Territory

An evil cultist (who supported Discord) pony that has the ability to shapeshipt (known as K'nu L'vin) took the form of Princess Celestia one day and visited ponyville. K'nu L'vin's disguise of Celestia was almost perfect, except his cutie mark, which is the shape of saturn remained the same as before. K'nu in disguise wore a long veil over the his flank to cover the mark.

In the disguise of Celestia, he told the Main 6 ponies that Shock Value and his team has been destroying the forests near ponyville, and said that they should destroy Shock Value's team with the Elements of Harmony. Meanwhile, K'nu used a strange ability to contact aliens, and send giant robots to destroy the forest around Shock Value's team, while casting another spell to silence the team's hearing. The next day, when the team wakes up they're shocked to see barren and ash covered land around them, and they try to investigate what happened, the main six confront him and try to use the Elements of Harmony on the group, but the real Celestia stops them to interrogate both of the groups. The main 6 think that Celestia told them to kill Shock Value's group, but Celestia denies it, confusing both groups. They all decide to camp out near the greenery around the destroyed forest, this time staying away all night, and they finally see what causes the true wildfire, which are alien robots. Both teams split up, the main 6 using the elements of Harmony to defeat the Robot army, while Shock Value's team Escorts Princess Celestia to a safe land.


" Together, Scoria, Weed Eater, and I, Shock Value, are.... untitled, as of now..."

" wh-what? You think WE did this? The forest was our home, why would we EVER want to destroy it?"

" Alright, Princess Celestia is Back in Ponyville and it looks like the robot army was vanquished, but we still don't know what caused all of this mess..."