Project Sigma
Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
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Eyes Yellow
Mane Blue
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Coat White
Cutie Mark None
Sigma is a former Pegasus Alliance member.


Abducted by the Alliance at a very young age, not much is known about his history, as he was too young to remember when he was taken.


Sigma has managed to retain a bright and cheery attitude despite all that has happened to him. It is due to this that he was paired with Zeruel to act as his mediator, to keep him from causing damage to himself and others around him. A few months after the Alliance was disbanded, however, Zeruel abandoned Sigma, and left him to fend for himself. After this, Sigma's personality takes a slight curve, making him calm and collected, adapted to living alone in the world, although he still retains most of his cheery personality.

Powers and Abilities

Bred by the Alliance to be the quickest of his peers, Sigma is extremely fast in speed and reflexes, able to use this to his advantage in combat. He has also shown to have hightened strength values, as well as endurane and near infinite stamina.