SIlly's Song is a song sung in My Little Pony: Equestria's Heroes by Silly Sprout, Peacemaker, and a sick orphan.


Silly: Oh, look at your little face, full of tears

It seems as though you've been like this for years

I want you to feel better

So here, I knitted you a sweater!

Orphan: Sorry, but that's not what's got me down..

Silly: Either way, I'll get rid of that frown!

Whether I gotta bake cookies or become a clown,

Whaddaya want me to do?

Make some stew?

Peacemaker: I'll take it from here, it doesn't seem he wants you

Silly: Trying to please him here!

Peacemaker: Well it ain't happening!

Orphan: Stop it, whoever you are! Silly's singing!

Silly: Thanks sugar-pot, now as i was saying...

Every night i see you praying..

Orphan: Umm, my name's Benjamin...

Silly: GOT IT!

He needs some medicine!

Orphan: That's right!