Silver Drop is the younger sister of Silver Guard and sister-in-law to Princess Luna and celestia as well as aunt to silvers children

Silver Drop
Silver drop full
intresting dont you think brother
Kind unicorn
Gender female
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation second in command of Luna's personal guard
Eyes neon green
Mane blonde
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat white
Cutie Mark a winged shield with a sword through the centre


Silver Drop has a white coat with pink hooves with a blonde mane which she normally keeps up with a blue hair band she keeps her tail in a braid


calm and collected most of the time Silver Drop takes her role as her brothers second in command very seriously being more level head than her brother.

She is very kind and gentle when around her younger relatives.


Born 4 years after her older brother she grew very close to her brother before being sent to a boarding school to learn proper mannerisums she returned to ponyville the same year that Silver Guard left to try and help Luna

She currently works along side her brother as his second in command



Silver Guard

It is in no doubt that the two of them are very close with only the topic of Lunar Fang ever causing the two of them to argue

Princess Luna and Celestia

Silver Drop see both Luna and celestia as her preicous sister and would do anything to protect them

Luna drop and Luna flake

Silver drop cares deeply for both her nieces sometimes covering for them when they leave the castle with out telling their father

Lunar Fang

Sliver Drop is distrustful of Lunar Fang since hes is part changeling and is not as trusting of him as Silver Guard is. 

axis solaris and lunaris

Sees both of them in the same light as silver's children and cares for them in the exact same way



As a unicorn Silver Drop has access to magic

Energy constructs

Just like her brother Silver Drop can create energy constructs with her signiture being her consruct sword caliburn


  • Her apperance is based on the character saber from fate/stay night.

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