Silver Guard
Silver guard2
"i'll crush anyone who hurts my family"
Kind alicorn
Gender male
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Occupation captain of princess luna personal guards and head master of the royal guard acadamy
Eyes cyan
Mane crimson
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Coat white
Cutie Mark a sheild with the cutie marks of both luna and celestia on it it signifys his skills as a royal guard

Silver Guard is the father of Luna DropLuna Flake and Lunar Fang and the husband of Princess Luna.


Silver Guard is a quiet pony at times, preferring his actions to say more than his words, but he is not afraid to speak his mind. He is kind and gentle with the foals and fillies thought he can be stern when it comes to his daughters.

When it comes to those that would bring harm to Equestria he is merciless and will not hesitate to crush anyone that would upset the happiness of his home.


Silver Guard has a white coat and crimson mane as well a pair of red wing guards one on each wing.

When on duty he wear a special suit of armor that covers most of his body. The armor is pitch black in colour which signifies him belonging to Luna's personal guard. In size he stands taller than both Luna and Celestia making him quite an imposing pony to be around.


Silver Guard grew up in Canterlot. Being the son of the royal guard captain he spent alot of time playing with Luna and Celestia as well as his sister Silver Drop. During this time he developed a close bond with Princess Luna, though it was not long before they went there seperate ways as he went on of to train to be come the next captain of the royal guard.

A year or so later he took over after his father, though he noticed a change in Luna, at this time with her showing increasing contempt for her sister Celestia. When Luna became Nightmare Moon he was heart broken seeing the woman he loved become a heartles monster. After she was sealed away, Silver Guard left Canterlot seeking a way to turn Luna back to the pony she once was during his time that he was tricked into fathering a child with queen chrysalis.

Many years later, about a week after the royal wedding, he returned to Canterlot after finding out Luna had returned to normal and it wasnt long after that that the two rekindled there relationship, with Silver Guard taking command of Luna's personal Guard, and about a year later they married and the following year their precious twin daughters Luna Drop and Luna Flake were born.

Now fast forward a few years and Silver Guard lives happily with his family in Canterlot castle



Princess Luna

Silver Guard and Luna deeply love each other so much that most of the time you'll not see one with out the other being nearby. Luna still can bellow a bit at Silver Guard, though he has managed to help her tone it down a little.

Luna Drop, Luna Flake and Lunar Fang

Sliver Guard thinks the world of his children though sometimes it may not seem that way seeing as how stern he is with them, though they know that he cares for them and wouldn't hurt them. He is very strict with Lunar Fang perticularly, but still sees him as his son no matter who his mother is.

Princess Celestia

Silver Guard maintains a good relationship with his sister-in-law since they grew up together.

Princess Cadence

They have an alright relationship thought haven't interacted much as she dosent visit Canterlot that often.

Shining Armor

Shining Armor and Silver Guard have a great relationship. Since he returned Silver Guard has helped Shining Armor with may of his troubles as well as teach Shining Armor something known only to him. They also spend time together outside of work as uncle and nephew.

Axis Lunaris

Silver Guard pays close attention to Lunaris's growth as her prsonality reminds him of a younger Luna, and he tries to encourage her and help in what every way he can, though he is weary of her since finding out her father's identity, though he still sees her as family.

Axis Solaris

Silver Guard has watched the training of Solaris carefully and is honored to have him as a knight. He is still contemplating teaching him how to use his energy construct abillity at the moment.

Sliver Drop

Silver Guard and Silver Drop naturally have a close connection. Being brother and sister there is little that causes them to fight.

The Mane Six

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight has a good relationship with Silver Guard who happens to be her uncle thanks to her brother marrying his niece, Princess Cadence. She also tutors his daughter Luna Drop, something he asked her to do. He also repects her due to her helping to free Luna.


Silver Guard has a huge amount of respect for Applejack for how hard a worker she is as well her part in helping to free Luna.

Pinkie Pie

Silver Guard can only stand to be around Pinkie for a short time as she can get on his nevres very quickly with her giddy attitude, though he does like her cupcakes.

Rainbow Dash

While he has a lot of respect for her skills in the sky, her boastful attitude can annoy him sometimes.


The Royal Guard

All of the Royal Guard has a huge amount of respect towards Silver Guard, seeing how loyal and strong he is as well as him being a former captain of the Royal Guard, a title that is hard to earn.

Steel Spike

Silver Guard use to see Steel Spike as a friend, but now can't stand to be near him. 


Silver Guard has a tremedous amount of respect for Lightblade in both in militaristic views and as a fellow father. Though the two have yet to meet in person, tales of Light's actions have shown Silver Guard how powerful and honorable Lightblade is.


Silver Guard has a lot of skills both magical and physical.

Magical skills


Silver Guard has the abillity to read the thoughts of others as well as project his own toughts into others' minds


Silver Guard can use his magic to move and throw large objects with ease.

Energy Constructs

Silver Guard can use his magic to construct objects like swords and sheilds. They appear in a golden color.

Sword of Canterlor

With his construct, Silver Guard forms a large sword around his horn which, in combination with his flight skills, allows him to overwhelm tough opponents

High Moon Shield

With his construct, Silver Guard creates a shield to protect himself and others from magic, as it can dispel magical based attacks.

Moon Flail

With his construct, Silver Guard creates a large spiked flail which he swings around.

Spear Rain

This abillity allows Silver Guard to rain down heavy spear-like constructs that seek opponents.


A faster abillity than Spear Rain, but not as damaging.

Advanced Constructs

Mage Bane

A construct Silver Guard uses on opponents that rely too heavily on magic, as it drains magical energy but leaves no wounds. It is especially good against barriers as it drains the energy from the barrier to strengthen itself and is used in conjuction with Luna Excalibur by using the the drained energy to increase Silver Guard's own magical reseves. It is a crimson colour.

Typoon Edge

A construct that forms a whip like blade out of water, wind, thunder, snow and ice. It is a powerful weapon that was inspired by his daughter's abillity to control the weather.

Gate of Canterlot

Silver Guard most powerful ranged attack, this bombards the enemy with a variety of elemetal weapons for as long as Silver Guard can maintain it. While less draining than Luna Excalibur, it still taxes Silver Guard to use it.

Luna Excalibur

Silver Guard's most powerful construct is a pitch-black blade with a blue aura. It is his most destructive abillity, thought it is very tiring for him to use for extended periods.

Physical Skills

High Speed Flight

Silver guard is incredibly nimble in the air and can easily avoid attacks mid flight.

Master Tactitian

Silver Guard is master strategist and tactitian, being able to outwit almost any enemy with little trouble.

Hightened Strength

Silver Guard's strength makes him more than a match for even the largest of creatures.

Hightened Speed

Silver Guard is just as quick on the ground as he is in the air thanks to his strength.

Incredible Willpower

Silver Guards will is second to none, with even dire situations failing to break his concentration.

Knightmare Berserk

To stop Luna or his daughters from ever becoming Nightmare Moon, Silver Guard was asked to become the vessel for the chaotic energy that resides inside Luna and his daughters.

After the ritual was complete, Silver Guard when on a rampage in a new form which became known as Knightmare Brserk. Now whenever Silver Guard is under extreme emotional stress it is possible that he will turn into this form. This form offers Silver Guard increased magical reseves as well as enormously increasing his physical and magical abillities.

Knightmare berserk

silver guard in his Knightmare berserk form

The downside to this abillity is that when using it Silver Guard cares little for anyone besides Luna or his children, as well as it's usage damages Silver's body. He also loses much of his ability to communicate.


"I will crush anyone who hurts my family." Said to a beast that attacked Luna Drop.

"Your boastfulness will one day get you into trouble, young lady." Speaking to rainbow Dash as she boasts about her speed.

"Will you please sit still, Miss Pie, and stop talking." Silver Guard trying to cope with Pinkie Pie being herself.

"YOU WILL NEVER THREATEN CANTERLOT AGAIN!" Silver Guard defeating an attack by a group of monsters.


"L-L-LU-LUNA H-H-HELP M-ME!" Silver Guard struggling to control himself while asking for Luna's help in stopping his rampage.

"Lunar Fang you are my son and nothing will ever change that you mother may be an abomination but you are not you are family and i would gladly give my life to protect you as much as i would your sisters" Silver Guard encourging his son

"Sliver Drop do not refer to my son as a changling because if you continue to we will fall out big time little sister" Silver Guard making his point clear to his little sister


  • Silver Guard is Bob's ponyfication.
  • Silver has a soft spot for birds, he currently has a pet ice pheonix named Blue Star which he keeps in his office.
  • Silver loves to read, though his duties give him very little time to do so. He does regularly visit his niece Twilight to find an intresting book or two.
  • Silver Guard dislikes swimming even though he is an award winning swimmer.
  • Silver likes cold weather, something his daughters are happy to know.
  • Silver will sometimes carry Luna Drop or Luna Flake on his back.
  • Silver loves cupcakes, though he does try to cut back on them as he trys to keep in shape.
  • Silver has put Prince Blueblood in his place on more than one occasion.
  • Much to his dismay, Luna Drop frequently ignores him when he tells her to ask him before going out.
  • Most nights Silver will sleep with Luna unless work gets in the way.
  • Silver sees alot of himself in the way his daughter Luna Flake looks and acts.
  • Thought he doesnt wear it anymore, Silver still has his armor from his time as captain of the royal guard.
  • Thought he would never admit it, the only thing that scares Silver Guard is his wife Princess Luna.
  • Bringing up Nightmare Moon or bad mouthing Luna around Silver is the quickest way to annoy another way is to call Lunar Fang a changling.
  • Gate of Canterlot is based on the character Archer's Gate of Babylon abillity from the Fate series.