Silver Lining is a snobbish unicorn and a member of The Dreaming.

Silver Lining
Kind Unicorn
Gender Male
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Occupation Member of The Dreaming
Eyes Yellow
Mane Dark Cobalt
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Coat Pale Blue-grey
Cutie Mark Cloud with a lighter outline


Silver Lining is a pale silver-blue unicorn with a dark cobalt grey mane and tail. He wears a large pair glasses that constantly slide down his nose. His cutie mark is a dark grey cloud with a paler outline.


Silver Lining loves to get under other pony's skin. He'll do anything he can to annoy them and distract them from something else.



Dream Scrying

He possesses a very rare ability called dream scrying. This ability lets him view other pony's dreams and sometimes even go inside of them.


Silver Lining can create very convincing illusions, complete with sounds and the illusion of texture. He sometimes uses them to distract others, as he prefers not to confront.


He can create a blinding burst of light that will daze anyone who sees it. This can also cause hallucinations and sounds that don't exist.