Don't worry, this one will work! I know it!

—Sky Chaser

Sky Chaser is an Earth Pony born in Aeran.
Sky Chaser
Kind Earth Pony
Gender Male
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Inventor
Eyes Yellow
Mane Red
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat Light Gray
Cutie Mark Gears

Early LifeEdit

Born to a family entirely comprised of pegasi, Sky Chaser had a hard time fitting in with his older siblings, and has an even harder time in public. Chaser was completely restricted to the ground while everyone else flew about and played. This caused him to look for a way to enable him to fly, and kickstarted his career as an inventor.


Most of Chaser's inventions aren't successful, as he mainly works with trial and error methods. However, he has had much success in creating a pair of makeshift wings, albeit through much hard work and many failed prototypes. His wings are made of light but flexible and strong alloys that strap on to his back. The wings read Chaser's thoughts and react in that manner, essentially making it feel as natural to fly as having actual wings. Other inventions of his include imrovements in the Skyhook, and a failed prototype for a jet powered vehicle, which promptly exploded upon testing.


Stubborn at times but always looking for fun, Chaser is easy to get along with, but hard to get him off his task at hand. When building things, it's near impossible to get him to stop. He always gets new ideas for inventions by looking at the world around him. As an Earth Pony, he loves to fly using his invented wings, and likes to play around in the skies with his siblings and friends.

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