Skylar 2

Skylar words at canterlot as a castle guard


Skylar is stoic, sarcastic, clever and everything that screams out bad boy, Skylar is known for following his own rules and only taking orders from certain people, he is known to be good at messing with people as he always leaves people speechless.


Skylar is a dark pegasus with a white muzzle and hooves, he dark blue eyes and has dark blue hair along with red streaks


Skylar is highly trained in hand-to-hand combat along with strategical skills, Skylar can use offensive and defensive magic but prefers to stop his enemies by using using his own hooves


'Princess Celestia and Luna'-Skylar is eternally loyal to both royal sisters, shown in history on how he protects the princess from any danger. He is shown to be friends with them as he talks to them regularly on his breaks

Shield- Shield is the only castle guard that Skylar socialises with as he founds the rest uptight, Shield and Skylar are close as they are always together when on guard duty and both talk to the princesses on their breaks

Imperia- Skylar met Imperia when he saved her from a fatal attack, from there he interacts with Imperia regularly making sure that she feels comfortable in the castle. Skylar and Imperia begins to interact more when they start going around canterlot and ponyville, cracking jokes and having fun. Skylar has a crush on Imperia and blushes whenever Shield teases him about it, he still likes her after knowing about her importance.