Skyrift, otherwise known as The Kingdom of Skyrift, is a giant city floating on clouds. It is a major ally to Equestria.


Skyrift was founded by the family Skyrift 15 generations ago by the ancestors of the Skyrift Royal Family.


Skyrift is governed by the Skyrift Royal Family, who have done so for fifteen generations. They have successfully seen to the protection and stability of the kingdom for this long time. Davius Skyrift is the current king of Skyrift, along with Elanda Skyrift, the queen.


Skyrift is known for it's beautiful architecture. Multiple large monumental buildings rest here. The most prominent of these structures is Skyrift Castle. Larger than Canterlot Castle, this building rises up higher than even some small mountains, but this is mostly due to it resting on an elevated cloud in the first place. The cloud Skyrift was founded on still exists today, now known as the Origin Cloud, in the center of the kingdom.


  • The name Skyrift is accidentally partially based on Skyrim of the Elder Scrolls series. (I thought of the name a long time ago for no reason before the game was even revealed.)