Snapshot is a yellow-green Unicorn that loves to take pictures. He has a job at Equestria Daily and often is seen at large events such as elections and festivals.

"Snapshot, st your service!"
Gender Male
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Occupation Photographer for Equestria Daily
Eyes Blue
Mane Pale yellow
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Coat Pale yellow-green
Cutie Mark Camera with flash on


Snapshot is a pale yellow-green Unicorn colt with bright blue eyes. He has a short pale yellow mane and tail. His Cutie Mark is a camera with its flash on.

He always has a camera on a neckstrap around his neck.


Nephew of Hoity Toity, Snapshot wanted to take the best photos he could. He signed up for the schools photography club and soon excelled in taking pictures.

Not long after, he earned himself a job as one of the many photographers for Equestria Daily.

As he grew, he was confused when he was expected to find somepony to marry. Eventually he grew feelings for Sharp, and the two were soon married.


  • "Snapshot at your service!" - Taking somebody's picture
  • "Drat, I always forget the flash is on" - Momentarily blinding somebody with the flash of his camera


  • When affected by Poison Joke, he will always bump into things, no matter what. If he isn't in the path of something, he'll veer over to it.