Soft Aria is a dark green unicorn filly. She is the daughter of Sharp and Snapshot.

Soft Aria
"But I don't want to sing OR take pictures."
Kind Unicorn
Gender Female
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Eyes Bright green
Mane Yellow
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Coat Dark green
Cutie Mark None


Soft Aria is a small unicorn filly with a dark olive green coat. She has bright green eyes and her coat is matted around her hooves, which are a deep grey. Her yellow mane is tied short while her tail droops to the ground.



Sharp - Mother

Snapshot - Father

Downbeat - Aunt

Flat - Uncle

Arpeggio - Grandmother

Quicksilver - Grandfather (Desceased)

Lightblade - Uncle

Aero Blitz - Cousin

Lullaby - Cousin

Light Crescendo - Cousin


  • Her voice has a bit of a Scottish accent to it
  • She is very good at illusions, so there are times when she appears to be a member of a different species of pony