Gonna burn something tonight...


Solarflare is a pegasus born from Cloudsdale and is Blazen's older brother.
Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
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Occupation Third Knight of the White Knights
Eyes Red
Mane Red and Orange
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Coat Golden Orange
Cutie Mark Tribal Flame

Early Life

Solarflare was always very tenacious and daring. He liked to fly around and sometimes play pranks on others. Although they weren't at all harmful, he did sometimes get in trouble, especially when he played a prank on Lord Icysky by shocking him with a storm cloud when he left his manor. Icysky was able to catch Solarflare and brought him to Princess Celestia for a punishment. Although Celestia let him off without any rammifications, Icysky held it against Solarflare ever since. After that incident, Solarflare pranked others less often, but usually played around with his friends from time to time.

The White Knights

Solarflare joined the White Knights out of his thought that he could be useful to them, and that he just needed a job that was challenging enough for him. Solarflare excelled in the aspect of strength and power, and recieved energy bands that gave him incredible fire attributed abilities. Solarflare acts as the tank of the group, easily overpowering even thr toughest enemies with his powerful fire abilities. He is called in mainly to decimate large groups of enemies, or to deal with large powerful foes. Due to this, he is usually not called in for diplomatic missions, negotiations, or strategic missions.


Solarflare is tenacious and insatiable. He is always looking for a good challenge and loves to burn things with his powerful flames. He usually goes outside of Ponyville into a large clearing to prectice his fire abilities. He loves the feeling of victory, especially over a powerful opponent, and has a strong sense of honor, having respect for powerful foes and fighting by their rules if they request. Solarflare is somewhat hot tempered and is easily annoyed and angered by others who insult him or is friends, or is someone does something wrong. He is always respectful to his superiors and especially to Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Prince Eclipso.


Solarflare is granted with powerful fire elemented abilities from his power bands. He is extraordinarily strong and powerful, although his speed is somewhat downed due to this. His strikes are somewhat slow, but they are extremely powerful, able to daze large enemies, and added with magic, able to knock back or even throw them long distances away. Solarflare can charge himself with energy to the point where his wings are sheathed in fire, and at full power, they radiate with powerful bright blue flame, although this can only be held for a short amount of time, attacks with this power can easily destroy even the most powerful foes.