Sour Ball is a somewhat dull Flutterpony.

Sour "Sweetie" Ball
"I have, uh, something to... enun- expl- lec- say!"
Gender Female
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Occupation Lickety Split Sweets Shop Employee
Eyes Yellow
Mane Lime with black streaks
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Coat Dark aqua green
Cutie Mark Birght red Parasprite


Sour Ball is a dark aqua green Flutterpony with black hooves. She has a mint lime green mane and tail with black streaks. Along with that, she has yellow eyes, mint glasses, and a black bow. Her cutie mark is a bright red parasprite with yellow eyes.

Sour Ball's Element Necklace


She was born under the guidence of Kandy Kane and Mint Cheep, as well as her foster brother Dew Point. She seemed fine untill she went to school, where Black Adder constantly tormented her and attacked her.

One day, when Black Adder was chasing Sour Ball, Sour tripped and hit her head against a tree. Since then, she has trouble finding the right words and sometimes takes things literally. The crash also messed up her vision somewhat, so she needs glasses.

A while later, she became the Discorded Element of Ignorance. She constantly annoys the other elements with her state of mind, but can really focus when fighting.


Kandy Kane - Mother

Mint Cheep - Stepfather

Dew Point - Foster brother



  • Some may relate her to Derpy Hooves, as she constantly acts a bit ignorant, can fly, and has yellow eyes.