Originally available at MLP Fan Labor. Also available at DeviantArt. Spectrum: The Rebirth of Ditzy Doo is a short film set to russian-german EDM producer Zedd's "Spectrum". It chronicles the transition of Ditzy Doo from an abandoned pony in Equestria to a confident human DJ in the streets of New York. Its duration is set to be the same as that of the song's radio edit duration, therefore the format of the short is that of a music video.


At the start of the song, we see a sad, loney Ditzy Doo who considers herself abandoned by the other ponies. She is walking in the streets of Ponyville at night. She eventually leaves Ponyville to take a walk on a loney road. At one pont, Ditzy stops and starts to shed tears. She would eventually cry. It's then when a white, figure of artist Zedd would appear in front of Ditzy. Zedd's figure goes on to call upon her using beckoning signs. Surprised, Ditzy would say "Me?", and Zedd would say "Yes! Come!". Convinced, Ditzy walks the road, eventually gaining speed and ending up running. It's then that Ditzy would fall from a cliff and into a bright light below, as Zedd looks down, and then towards the camera.

A now human Ditzy Doo, without her characteristic crossed eyes (which are still yellow), lands on one of the streets of downtown New York. She starts getting up, she is no longer a sad pony. She is then seen enjoying her new human life as she walks across the streets, looking at the buildings and meeting new people. She wears a grey hoodie, dark blue jeans and white sneakers.

She stumbles upon Zedd and singer Matthew Koma, who were waiting for Ditzy to show up. Zedd asks her to do some DJing, teaching her the basics of being a DJ. As the song's drop is approaching, Ditzy gets ready putting on the headphones that Zedd is giving her, and starts DJing.

Back at Ponyville, it's now a sunny day and Twilight Sparkle begins to wonder where is Ditzy. She searches for the grey pony everywhere, asking everypony where is she, to later encounter Fluttershy, who begins to tell her that Ditzy's gone, and that she left the pony world for good, and that she is in another dimension. Shocked, Twilight Sparkle becomes desperate, telling the entire world that Ditzy is gone. Everypony becomes desperate, as Rarity is shockingly surprised, and Rainbow Dash would run to a corner, break down and desperately cry, because she has "lost a good friend for life".

Back at New York, Ditzy gets ready to perform Zedd's "Spectrum" along Matthew Koma and drummer Tommy Frampton, this time with public around them (and Zedd among the public). The trio would eventually perform the song, much to the public and Zedd's enjoyment. Ditzy has found her place in the world, and she's happy about it as she enjoys DJing.

Later at night, Ditzy is shown sitting in a balcony along Zedd, Tommy Frampton and Matthwe Koma, talking about how well did the perform the song earlier at noon. Ditzy is satisfied of how well did she perform., and then walks a bit away just to look up and sees the starry night along with Matthew Koma.