Star Gazer is a quiet Alicorn with a silver blue coat. She is the mother of Moon Drop, Cattail, Holly Wreath and Poison Ivy.

Star Gazer
Gender Female
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Occupation Member of the Canterlot Council
Eyes Blue
Mane Black with shining white dots
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Coat Silver blue
Cutie Mark Orion Constellation



Star Gazer was born in Canterlot, along with Black Bat and Stratus. She was the oldest among them and tried to keep her sisters in line, though this was very difficult with Black. Later on, her parents made them leave home early and find their own lives in the world. Black and Star remained in Canterlot, but stratus decided to explore other areas.

Star Gazer wandered around and eventually found the city's observatory. She grew to love looking at the contstellations, her favorite being Orion, and earned her cutie mark.

One day when she was visiting the observatory, a class of Celestia's school was there. The teacher noticed her knowledge and love for outer space and asked her to join in with their lesson for a bit. When the lesson was done, the teacher asked if she could come with them to the school, and she accepted. After a few days of being a civilian volunteer, Celestia visited the class. Star was giving a small speech on how in ancient times, ponies would use stars and the position of the moon to predict weather.


Moon Drop - Daughter

Cattail - Daughter

Holly Wreath - Daughter

Poison Ivy - Daughter

Armageddon - Husband