Star Striker
Gender Male
Eyes Amber
Fur Blue
Mane Black with silver highlights
Cutie Mark Three-star constellation (full moon when a mearhwolf)

Star Striker is a fan character made by Sooty123 on DeviantArt.

He appears in his fanfiction where he is more of a supporting character that a main one, not appearing until Chapter 3 and not having a major part until the very end of the 'fic.

His friends include the mane six, Waterfall Cascade and Coffee Pop (Sugartripping and Harleyjokermadness ' fan characters respectivly) though Waterfall and Coffee haven't been mentioned in a fanfiction as of yet.

During Sooty's first and currenlty only fanfiction, Star Striker is depicted as being nervous and somewhat of a loner. By the end of the 'fic he has become more confident and playful, enjoying himself at Pinkie Pie's party.

Star Striker's only real ability is being a mearh-wolf (a werepony) changing into a wolf-creature every full moon.

Development and Character DesignEdit

Sooty admitted to having great difficulty in coming up with a design for Star Striker, flipping from having him being a pegasus to an Earth pony and going from purple to black.


Star Striker's original colouring. A gif showing him transforming.

He debated about his "final" design (a grey- black pony with a darker black mane) saying he looked too "Mary-Sue-ish" considering his somewhat dark past and troubled story throughout the 'fic. He finally decided to change him to blue, saying it would still give him some brightness.

Cutie MarkEdit

Star Striker's cutie mark went through less changes than the rest of him did- at one stage Sooty had made the decision that it would remain a full moon even when he was in a regular pony form.

However, SugarTripping suggested he use the idea that he was an astronomer and that he became a mearhwolf from a falling star. This was opposed to the original plan that he just got bit by another mearhwolf.

Liking the idea, Sooty sketched out a rough comic on how Star Striker became a mearhwolf (at the time calling it a were-pony) and changed his cutie mark to one of a three-star constellation.

Star Striker's current cutie mark.

The FanFiction...Edit

Star Striker appeared alongside the 'mane' six in Sooty's first MLP: FiM fanfiction. which was uploaded in Chapters over the course of a few days.

Star Striker opened each chapter, explaining what was happening and problems that Sooty had writing it in a first-person view, something Sooty called "A Note From the Pony" which was an allusion to "A Note From the Author".


After Spike accidently burns one of Twilight's books about astronomy, Twilight sets out to replace it only to find that no one seems to have it!

She meets a pony named Candle Dipper who tells her about the author and how he died when he started experimenting on the plant Aconitum.

Confused as to why the plant, if not eaten, would kill a pony Twilight sets out to find his son, Star Striker.

She finds his cabin in the Everfree Forest and wanders in after finding the door unlocked. Inside she finds an old book, bookmarked at a page about Mearhwolves, or wereponies. After reading a little about them, and finding out that one can become a mearhwolf by coming into contact with Lunatite (a mythical dust found in a moonstone) during the full moon she finds out that Star Striker has been there the whole time.

Star Striker gives her the book she requested after telling her it went out of print a few years ago, and then asks her to leave. However he feels bad when a storm brews and invites her to stay the night.

Twilight accepts the invitation and as Striker goes into the kitchen to make some hot chocolate, Twilight notices a metorite in a display case, sliced in half to reveal a scarlet dust. Unknowing as to why, she grabs a quick sample feeling she will need it later, and suspecting something is up with Star Striker.

The next morning she leaves and stops by Zecora's hut to ask her to identify the strange dust. Zecora tells her, in ryhme, that the dust is Lunatite, the dust that turns ponies into mearhwolves.

When Twilight returns to Ponyville she finds all her friends have been worried for her, and that Spike went out to look for her the night before but never returned.

Twilight then tells her friends of the previous two days happenings, and her suspicions that Star Striker may be a mearhwolf.

That night, they all travel to Star Striker's house in the Everfree Forest, fearing he has Spike. Twilight expresses her doubts about mearhwolves even existing, but admits- after her friends giving valuable points such as Astro Hooves' (Star Striker's father) being killed by merely touching Acotnitum- which the book said would kill mearhwolves- that she doesn't have a rational explanation for that.

Twilight enters Striker's cabin alone, and finds he has indeed gone through his transformation and is now a mearhwolf. More amazed about the scientific probability of this Twilight doesn't show any fear and Striker tells her about how he became a mearh-wolf (the same story as Sooty's previously made comic).

At that point Rainbow Dash and the others break in, feeling Twilight was taking too long and fearing Striker had hurt her in some way. Striker then tells them that Spike is in danger if he is alone in the Everfree Forest, and this prediction comes true when they later find him in the claws of an Ammut.

The group teams up and fight the Ammut, rescuing Spike and sending the creature tumbling over the edge of a cliff. The fact that Sooty says, "The Ammut's red eyes widened as the green fire collided with it and it fell down the cliff face, the log ensuring it wouldn't (and couldn't) climb back up." hints that the Ammut is still alive.

The story ends with Twilight's usual letter to Princess Celestia.

From Werepony to Mearhwolf.Edit

Sooty felt that the term "werepony" didn't make much sense since "were" in the usual word "werewolf" means "man" in Old English, technically meaning that "werepony" meant "man-pony". After doing some research on some websites, Sooty found out that, if there ever was one, no one seemed to know the word for "pony" in Old English, so he used the word for "horse" which was "mearh".

Mearhwolf, translated, means "horse-wolf".


Sooty is currently holding a vote on Striker's pet while she writes a second fanfiction on how he gets his new friend.

The debate was between a ferret and a bat, Sooty commented that "Both would make a good pet for Star Striker. I wanted one that would reflect his new personality, but would also be able to keep up with his more nocturnal life. A ferret can be trained to be either nocturnal or dinural. A bat is naturally nocturnal, and suits his mythical attitude as well." Designs were made for both a ferret and a bat, with Sooty promising that the spare one would be put up for adoption along with others when he made them.

Currently the ferret is in the winning league.

After the voting ended, the ferret won and Sooty, as promised, put the bat up for adoption along with many other adoptables themed for Halloween.

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