Kind Unicorn
Gender Female
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Eyes blue
Mane dark purple/navy blue
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Coat navy blue
Cutie Mark 3 stars
Stargazer loves the night but also has to live her day life so she's often really tired. She loves hanging out with her friends but her low energy makes it hard for her to keep up with all the things her friends want to do. Sometimes she thinks her friends see her as a bore and she feels ashamed and embarrassed. She often tries to stop staying up so late but is physically incapable of sleep until she's exhausted, which doesn't usually happen too long before everypony else is awake.



Stargazer: "Flora, what are you doing out here? Everypony else is inside."
Flora: "I thought you were lonely, so I came out here to keep you company."
Flora shows friendship to Stargazer
Stargazer is somewhat comforted by Flora because she seems to be the only pony that understands her.