Starlight Sparkle
Kind Unicorn
Gender Female
Residence Crystal Empire
Occupation Princess of the Crystal Empire

Starlight Sparkle is a female unicorn. She is the daughter of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor and shares her last name with Twilight Sparkle. Starlight is known to be just like her mother, spreading love and light to the Crystal Empire and the rest of Equestria. When Misty Dash discovered the Elements of Equestria, Starlight appeared along with Lightning Dancer and helped fight evil with them. Starlight represents the element of charity.


Starlight Sparkle was born in the Crystal Empire and was loved by all. She is the eldest of the family, and has one younger brother and one younger sister named Gleaming Shield and Skyla Heart. The family was pleased with the addition of the family and so were the citizens of the Crystal Empire. Every day after school, she would play with the crystal fillies down in the village of the Crystal Empire.

One day, Starlight heard the tale of the Elements of Equestria and was fascinated by it. Her mother, Cadance, told her all about the banishment of Nightmare Moon and how others thought that she used the Elements of Harmony to defeat her sister, by she actually used the more powerful Elements of Equestria. She also learned about the birth of a new princess, Misty Dash, and from then on she was destined to find the Elements and unite with Misty and Lightning.


Twilight Sparkle - Her best Relative.