Steel Spike
Steel spike
steel stronger than silver and im gonna prove it
Kind alicorn
Gender male
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Occupation traitor
Eyes purple
Mane two tone grey
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Coat brown
Cutie Mark a cracked and damage version of his old cutie mark which signifies his betrayal
Steel Spike is Silver Guard's former second in command who tried to attack princess Luna but was stopped, banished and now seeks revenge.


At one time he was kind and much loved by his subortinates for his fair nature but his this was all a front to hide his true nature that of a hate full and manipulative traitor.


He use to wear the same armor as most of Lunas personal guard but now wears just a breast plate and band around his front legs. 

He has a brown coat and a two tone grey mane with purple eyes


He was second in command to Silver Guard for a year before he attempted a coup on the royal family luckily he was stopped by Silver Guard before it could begin after this he was banished from canterlot from which he made his way to the mountains and has since then plotted his revenge.


Silver Guard

At first the two of them were the closest of friends but since his attempt on Lunas life Silver Guard hates him with avengence.

Princess Luna

Luna trusted him so much so that she asked him to guard her twin duaghters when they were younger but nows she reguards him as nothing more than a simple traitor.


Physical skills


Being an alicorn steel spike has the abillity to fly.

Highted durabillity

Steel spike is remakably durable taking almost insane amounts of damage.

Magical skills

As an alicorn silver Spike has access to magic. 

Energy constructs

Steel Spkie learnt this abillity from Silver Guard and since his banishment has created a number of his own constructs. His construct use to be coloured blue but are now coloured crimson

Sword of the traitor

Steel Spike's own variation on Silver Guards Sword of canterlot

Steel Guard

Steel Spike's own variation on Silver Guards own highmoon shield

Absolute zero

Creates a scythe like contruct that freezes what ever it stirkes

Nightmare excalibur

Steel Spike's own variation on Silver Guards Luna excalibur