Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
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Eyes Green
Mane Blue
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Coat Grey
Cutie Mark Lightning Bolt
Storm was the father of Lightblade and Melody.

Early LifeEdit

Storm was energetic and overconfident in his youth, bragging about his speed and agility, which at the time were unmatched by his peers. Despite this, he had many friends, and didn't count them out. He was on his way to meeting one of his friends when he ran into his future wife Winter Falls. The two eventually married, and had a son, Lightblade, and about a year after, a daughter, Melody.


Storm, along with his wife was accidentally killed by Lightblade during his first magical outburst, when robbers broke into the house and threatened to kill his parents. He was, along with everyone else in the room, impaled by multiple energy blades that shot outwards from Light.


Retaining, but supressing his arrogant personality from his early days, Storm still loved to fly fast, and was able to still beat some of Cloudsdale's younger fliers. He was protective of his family and would make sure they were kept safe from any harm. Being a father was the greatest accomplishment for him, and he worked hard to set a good example for his children.

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