Storm Walker is the elder brother, and self-appointed guardian, of his younger sisters Dream Step and Eclipse Touch. He commonly refers to them as Dream and Eclipse. He is most notable in the fact that his parents, Grand Seal (father) and Grand Spell (mother), are purebred elitist unicorns and he some how was born a pegasus.

Abilities and notable personality aspectsEdit

Storm Walker  has wings and can fly and walk on clouds like most pegasi. He has a sort of guardian personality when it comes to people he cares about, especially his little sisters, the only ones this mindset does not extend to are his parents for the main reason of their treating him like some kind of family shame. So in a sense he's a bit like RainbowDash.


Storm Walker is an electric green pegasus with a a sky blue mane and tail, his mane and tail have what looks like streaks of violet lightning bolts running through them. his Cutie Mark is a shield with the image of a black and white unicorn overlaying a pair of shields that have similar colored pegasi and earth ponies. His eyes are a deep sea blue.

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