Strawberry Shake is a male pony.


He is smart, shy, nice and creative. He has a little crush to Rainbow Dash, but is too shy to admit that. He is very happy-go-lucky and outgoing.


He has a have yellow mane and tale, green eyes, white freckles and is a unicorn, so he has a horn. his body is a red color, and is pictured right.



He can move things with his horn, but isnt as good asTwilight


He is very creative, he is good drawer and poet

Music skillsEdit

He is great dancer and singer.


Twilight SparkleEdit

He sometimes help Twilight in library

Rainbow DashEdit

Rainbow and Strawberry are good friends and have little crush to her

Chocolate Cake and CakeshyEdit

They are Strawberries siblings. They have real sibling rivarly relationship.

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