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The Sugar family is the largest family in Yummington, second only to the Flavor family. The family's home base is Yummington; however, many ponies of this family travel all over Equestria to sell their delicious pastries. They are all earth ponies.

When Amber Bright arrived to check on the family's bake sales, she was introduced to the family by sisters Angel Cake and Shortcake. Sugar Queen was named their mother with King Sweet as their uncle (he being Sugar Queen's brother). Shortcake donned Gingersnap as "that grumpy old lady."

The full family tree will be posted eventually.

Family MembersEdit

The following are each pony's full name and coat and mane colors.

Originally there were two siblings:

Sugar Queen: gold with blue mane

King Sweet: red with green mane

Their mother was Gingersnap, a grumpy old pony and ex-best friend of Lemon Tart, head of the Flavor family.

They grew up and had their own families.

Sugar QueenEdit

Angel Cake: cream with pink mane (daughter)

Chocolate Cookie: brown with dark brown mane (daughter)

Shortcake: red with pink mane (daughter)

Sherbet: orange with red and yellow mane (daughter)

Cotton Candy: dark pink with blue and white mane (daughter)

King SweetEdit

Minty Leaf Green: green with pink and green mane (daughter)

Cinnamon Spice: brown with red mane (daughter)

French Vanilla: white with cream mane (daughter)

Soda Cream: yellow with red mane (daughter)

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