Summer Flare
Gender: Female
Occupation: Everfree Expedition Team Leader
Eyes: Light Blue
Coat: Light Tan
Mane: Light Brown


Flare, wearing her light and dark blue scarf.

Summer Flare is a Pegasus who was born in cloudsdale, She never knew her father since he left the family upon her birth, and Flare's mother, Seneca, passed away when she was nearing her teens. She appears in the work in progress story 'Summers Cheer', inwhich she advances a relationship with her Friend, Cheerilee.

Early Years

Flare was rather confident during her years in cloudsdale, but never really used her wings. She aced many tests, particularly science, geography and history. Summer's confidence eventually wore out, as the years of being taunted at flight school took its toll on her mind, only just getting her with a pass. Upon finishing her education, she moved down to ponyville into a medium sized home just across from sugarcube corner, Of course needing a job she was offered a career as part of the Everfree Forest Expedition Team, which she simply adored, although she still struggled to communicate to others in the simplest ways, when she wasnt working she would be in her home, reading books, napping, plotting charts and other odd-bits. Flare followed this boring lifestlye for sometime.

Later and Present.

During one of her expeditions, a class of fillies and their teacher, Miss Cheerilee, came along for some of the trip. It was on this said trip that Cheerilee first spoke to Summer, Flare noticed how interested Cheerilee was in her geographical exploits and in the following months they became very close friends, constantly meeting and chatting, until one day it came to Flares attention that Cheerilee had a crush on her, unsure what to do Summer tried to fly away in heavy winds, and being an unsteady flyer she fell out of the sky and broke her right wing, Following her recovery Cheerilee and Summer had time to talk, and they declared eachothers feelings for eachother, although with Flare still taken aback by some of it, she had finally found something she could love more than her books.