This page is a pairing page, a page of a relationship between two (or more, for example, a love triangle) characters

Sunflower (Fully called Sunflowershipping by a Mistress Rose) is the name of a suggested relationship between Axis Solaris and Poppy Seed.

Characters In Relationship

Axis Solaris

Solaris is the male in the relationship. He ran into Poppy Seed in the fictional episode "Jeepers Creepers!" while looking for clues to the mystery in a sunflower patch.

Poppy Seed

Poppy Seed is the female in the relarionship. She was the owner of the sunflower patch going to water them when she saw Solaris looking around it.

Rainbow Dash-----

in Human form Rainbow is the male in the Relationship he ran into Fluttershy during may the best pet win and later shared a kiss in the Canterlot Wedding they are now engaged

Terms of Relationship

As said in Jeepers Creepers!

Solaris: You've taken good care of them.

Poppy: Yeah... Thing is, they're not as tall as they could be. They're called sunflowers, but rarely get enough sun. It takes a while for the sun to rise over here.

Solaris: Well, I can ask my mom about it. She might be able to fix the problem.

Poppy: Thanks!

Solaris: Heh. Well, I'll see you around.

[Solaris walks off. After a minute, Poppy bounces off in the other direction blushing and giggling]

The action of blushing and giggling is the suggestion of Poppy liking Solaris, but has yet to be confirmed canon-wise.

Other Times Mentioned

It has not been mentioned in any other eisode or fanfiction yet.