Dawn pony
Kind Pegasi-Zebra
Gender Female
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Occupation Scientist,Cupcake baker
Eyes Blue
Mane Black/Pink
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Coat white
Cutie Mark Cupcake
Singing voice User:Dawnofnowhere

Sunny is a scientist at top-secret labs.


Sunny an pony with a flippant personality. She will go from hyper to murderous (metephorically) in seconds. She loves cupcakes and science and her special some pony..... I have no idea what else to say


She is a white zebra with black stipes and wings. She has a black mane with pink stripes in it.


While working at  Axis Labs,Sunny attempts to stop Her Doktar from makeing his fear chemicals. He knocks her unconcious along with several other scientists. She is later confronted by her friend kiba who reveals that she is Mare-Do-Well, and asks for information about Siegert, and gives Mare-Do-Well a grapling hook along with several "M" shapped shurikens and tells her if she needs any more gear to come to her. Later,along with her friend and fellow reasercher keirain, she invents a device that can enhance the pony brain. She aids Mare-Do-Well in rescueing Joel by giveing her sonar goggles so that Mare-Do-Well can detect the traps. TBC


  • She makes the best cupcakes in canterlot
  • She is based on my friend Dawn Lynn, who is the only person that I trust and is like a sister to me.