Sunshine Bottle is the oldest of 4 siblings. Her younger siblings are Storm Walker, Dream Step and Eclipse Touch. Unlike her siblings Sunshine Bottle is blindly devoted to her mother. Sunshine, as she is ofter called, is so overly dedicated to making her mother happy that it boarders on being creepy.

Abilities and PersonalityEdit

Sunshine Bottle is blindly dedicated to making her mother to point she needs her mother's approval to feel validated. Her special brand of magic allows her to insert a false joy or happiness in another pony, but after the spell wears off it leaves the subject with an empty feeling where the joy and happiness were. For some reason Storm Walker and Dream Step are unaffected by this magic, and Eclipse Touch automatically cancels her magic as soon as Sunshine casts it on her. Sunshine Bottle seems oblivious to the fact that the feelings she induces in others are fabricated.


Sunshine Bottle is a bright yellow unicorn with a dark orange mane. She has bright blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a bottle with a smiling

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