Sweet Treat
"Zzzzz.....Oh! What did you say Twilight?" - Sweet Treat getting bored.



Gender Female
Eyes Blue
Mane Yellow
Coat Pink
Cutie Mark Two Ice Creams and A pink heart
Resides In

Ponyville (Sometimes) and Cloudsdale (Mostly)

Voice ???

Stunt Performer, Actress (When she was a filly), and Ice Cream Lady (Day Job)

Sweet Treat is a pegasus who gets really bored easily, and doesn't really do much. She work as an Ice Cream Mare and never messes up an order. Her best friends are Rainbow Dash and Rarity.


Sweet Treat is kind but doesn't wanna talk to ponies for a long time or she will loose focus with that pony. Sweet Treat loves her job, to fly, and to act as well. Sweet Treat also likes fashion like Rarity.


Sweet Treat is a light pink pegasi of average height. She has a pale-ish yellow mane that is slightly curly, same as the tail too. Her eyes are light blue, with six lashes each. She also wears a hot pink bow in her mane. Her cutie mark is two ice creams with a pink heart.

Early LifeEdit

Sweet Treat was born in Cloudsdale and the child of Mr. & Mrs. Treat. As a filly, Sweet Treat was smart and loved to eat ice cream when she came home from school. On 100th day of eating ice cream, she earned her cutiemark. Later though the years, Sweet Treat's parent gave birth to her sister, Sour Treat.


Sweet Treat can mostly fly, When she does her Sonic Boom, it's a streak of pale-ish yellow.

When Discorded....Edit



  • Sweet Treat might be related to Mr. & Mrs. Cake OR Pinkie Pie.
  • When she was a filly, she was a kid actress at a show called "CloudyLane", She played as "Creamy Ice".


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