Sweetcream was born and raised in Manehattan, when she got older she moved to Hovston with her friend Ashfire.Sweetcream is a baker, and works with her sister Angelcake at the bakery.


Buttercream - mother

Coffee - father

Angelcake - sister

Ashfire- best friend


Sweetcream has a long yellow mane with brown highlights and a brown coat. She often wears a oven mitt for saftey.


Sweetcream is a caring and helpful pony who is friends with a buch of people. She loves to bake and shares her business with her younger sister Angelcake. She often also cheers the family up with her crazy dance moves


" Who can not handle a double decker chocolate cake? Not me for sure!" Replying to her mother when having to make a cake by herself in a flashback

"Hmmm, Angel where is the sugar? It's missing often." Asking Angel where the sugar is after Startwinkle snuck in.

" Yup, not a god time for pie."

In replie to Ashfire after her brother Dash gets lost.


Pinke Pie and Sweetcream both are similar but Pinke has a more party attitude and Sweetcream is more of a total baker.

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