Symphony is the big sister of Ziparoo. Her parents are Shimano and Water Drop.

"Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do!"


She's musical, hot-headed when interrupted, sings like an angel, loves fashion, friendly, loves to bake, and is very social.


She wants to be an opera singer when she earns her college diploma. Whenever she has a test, she calls up her LBBFF (Little Brother Best Friend Forever), Ziparoo, to quiz her. When she finishes her homework, she goes over to either Rarity's to help her with designs, or Pinkie Pie's to do some baking. She gets along with the rest of the Mane Six She likes Fluttershy too, since she's a good singer. Whenever Fluttershy gets hurt, Symphony rushes to her to help. Once, Fluttershy was going to Zecora's, when she tripped and sprained her hoof. She was in too much pain to shout for help, but was in enough pain to start crying. A few hours later, Symphony got worried. She went to go get Fluttershy from Zecora's. On the way, she heard crying, immediatly recognizing it was Fluttershy! She followed the sound to find her missing friend. A few minutes later, she found Fluttershy lying on the ground holding her sprained hoof. Symphony carried Fluttershy on her back to her cottage. "Angel! Get a cast!" she said to Angel, Fluttershy's bunny. Angel came back with the cast and handed it to Symphony. Symphony placed the cast on Fluttershy's hoof carefully. "Oh, thank you Symphony!" Fluttershy exclaimed, hugging her friend, Symphony was a hero.


She has a similar color scheme to Rarity. Her eyes are green, and her cutie make is a pink music note surrounded by daisies


Ziparoo - Little Brother, BFF

Shimano - Father

Water Drop - Mother

Rarity - Best Friend

Pinkie Pie - Best Friend

Fluttershy - BFF

Twilight Sparkle - Friend

Applejack - Friend

Rainbow Dash - Friend

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