Terror, otherwise known as The Lord Terror or Lord of Fear, is a malevolent, ancient pony that embodies darkness, fear and nightmares, making him a sort of antithesis to the Elements of Harmony. Like Princesses Luna and Celestia, he is a winged unicorn pony, otherwise known as an Alicorn.

Lord Terror
Gender Male
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Occupation Lord of Fear
Eyes Red/green
Mane Magical, black flame(Smoke for a tail)
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Coat Bright red
Cutie Mark None
Singing voice None


Terror is initially a cunning and dark individual, prone to using underhanded tricks to get what he wants. As a result of being the embodiment of fear, he tried to instill fear in ponies everywhere he goes by trapping them in frightening illusions or by creating nightmarish creatures. He was known to be relentless in his scare tactics, but made a point to never put a pony in true danger, even if they don't know it.

However, when alone in seclusion the Overlord is revealed to be quite upset over his loneliness and lack of friends. He placed all Equestrians in a nightmare-like world due largely in part to his loneliness and desire for friendship.

After Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie Pie managed to calm Terror down, be became a much nicer individual, playing with the ponies of Ponyville and even helping to rebuild the town he had almost destroyed.

Terror is known to have respect towards Princesses Celestia and Luna, shown when he did not challenge their rule when he had the chance.



In his younger days, Terror was well acquainted with Celestia, Luna, and other Alicorns who roamed Equestria freely. He discovered that he embodied fear when he discovered that, at night, he was not afraid of the dark and was capable of scaring other ponies easily. He was also fond of playing pranks on other ponies.

Terror, alongside Celestia and Luna was among the few ponies to realize the danger that Discord posed to the harmony of Equestria, and tried to warn the other ponies about Discord's rule. His warnings were ultimately in vain, however, as Discord took control of the land.

Battle against DiscordEdit

During the rule of Discord, the world was plunged into chaos. In an attempt to make things right again, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna assembled as many Alicorns as they could find to combat the mad king. Terror was one of but many Alicorns to rise to the task of battling Discord, and created Shadow Dragons to stave off the the Draconequus while the princesses assembled the Elements of Harmony. As they battled in the sky, Discord cast an unknown spell on many of the Alicorns, Terror included, sending them plummeting to the ground.


After Celestia and Luna defeated Discord, they searched for their Alicorn friends, with mixed results. When they discovered Terror, they found that the spell cast upon him by Discord had caused him to go feral and unpredictable. Reluctantly, Celestia and Luna used the Elements of Harmony to lock Terror deep within the Everfree Forest until a time when he could be calmed arose.

Role in the StoryEdit


For unknown reasons, Terror has managed to break his seal and leave the Everfree Forest, terrorizing the inhabitants of Ponyville in the process.


Terror, like all Alicorns, is an incredibly powerful pony, with magical powers rivaling those of Discord, Princess Celestia and Luna. He is known to be able to freely teleport as well as cast exponentially powerful spells. Just as Celestia embodies the Sun and Luna embodies the moon, Terror is the embodiment of nightmares and, as such, his powers are based on them.

As the Lord of Fear, he is capable of many feats aimed at scaring ponies. He can change his appearance, making himself seem larger or more terrifying, and can darken areas as well as make it seem as though there are noises coming from the darkness. The Overlord is capable of entering dreams giving any creature a nightmare, and is able to influence the actions of ponies through them. He is also capable of creating terrifying-looking creatures at will, such as the Jaberwocky and the Zuul, to do his bidding. When travelling great distances, he rides a chariot drawn by two winged, shadow ponies, which are also of his creation. When not travelling through dream, Terror can use his magic to turn ordinary things into scarier versions of themselves.

Terror's mane is constantly in motion, and shadowy bats often arise from it. These bats serve as Terror's heralds and can also be used as messengers. In addition, Terror's tail can act as a medium for his nightmare-based powers. Whenever he enshrouds someone with it, they see horrible visions, and he can send pieces of it flying over great distance to affect ponies.



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  • Terror's horn is comparatively shorter and thinner than those of other ponies.

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