Cherrianna: Merry Christmas!

Lemona: Merry Christmas everypony!

Watermenona: I wish it was Christmas every day!

Clover: Me too! And I'm red, white, and green to celebrate the holiday!

???: Merry Christmas!

Cherrianna: Mordecai!

Mordecai: Yup! It's me!

Watermenona: We should go look for mom!

Lemona: Good idea!

They go to the Everfree forest.

Clover: *gulp* I'll have to blend into my surroundings. (she takes off the circle around her head and blends into her surroundings, not even her eyes are visible)

Cherrianna: Oh, I guess the rumors are true, her eyes do change colour! Clover? 

Clover: I don't want to get eaten by Timber Wolves!

Mordecai: Let's just go!

They start walking.

Clover: Good thing they can't see me! Um, Cherrianna?

Cherrianna: Make it quick! I'm feeling like I'm talking to nothing!

Clover: I'd better put an invisibility spell on you. (she does the spell)

Mordecai: Oh, we're here already.

Lemona: This is the last place we saw her.

Watermenona: Let's go get our mom back!

They go into the spooky building.

Cherrianna: Mom? MOM?

???: (attacks them)

Lemona: It's Fenga!

Fenga: You're days are over!

Clover: HIAAAA! (she attacks Fenga)

Fenga: Ow! I forgot, Clover can shift colours.

Clover: (turns bright red) Fenga, your days of being evil are over! (a blue sphere starts to grow above her horn) I herebye banish you to the 5th dimension! (she throws the sphere at Fenga)

Fenga: NOOOO!!! (a portal sucks her in)

Clover: (breathing heavily) She's gone for now, but she'll be back.

Lemona: So we didn't find mom. Let's go back home.

They use the transportation spell.


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