The Darkness is an extremely powerful entity that resides within all sentient beings.


The Darkness itself in it's purest form is neutral, and takes on different properties based on different emotions applied to it, and depending on how powerful the carrier is, it can break free in certain ways. Certain emotions can cancel out the effects of The Darkness, depending on what emotion it manifests from.

Darkness EventsEdit

Darkness Events are periods where The Darkness breaks out of powerful beings in certain ways. These can either be beneficial or catastrophic, depending on the type of Darkness and the power of the origin being. There are currently only three noticable Darkness Events on record.

The Great DarknessEdit

The most noticable and catastrophic Darkness Event was The Great Darkness, originating from Lightblade through the unintentional creation of Darkblaze. During this time the world was subject to unrelenting dark magic and powerful evil as all light was extinguished in the world. The death toll of this event was over 75 million worldwide and lasted over a week.

Downbeat's OutbreakEdit

A less dangerous outbreak originating from Lightblade's Darkness infecting Downbeat and breaking out within her. This event was the shortest of all Darkness Events and was stopped by Lightblade. Although it was relatively minor, it had potential to become a greater danger had it not been resolved quickly.

The Second Darkness EventEdit


Darkness TypesEdit

There are a few types of Darkness on record that have been observed to behave in a certain way based on different emotions. Negative emotions are much easier to manifest than positive emotions.

Anger and HatredEdit

This form of Darkness is the most dangerous form, and is the type of Darkness responsible for The Great Darkness. This type of Darkness is extremely dangerous and hostile to all forms of life, and is able to infect living creatures and mutate them into monsters, as well as change the entire world itself into a dark and cold place.

Annoyance and EnvyEdit

A less dangerous but still lethal form of The Darkness, this is the type of Darkness present during Downbeat's outbreak. It is still hostile but only to anything that comes near, and it does not have the same world changing propreties that Darkness manifested through anger and hatred does.

Sadness and LonelinessEdit

This type of Darkness is indirectly dangerous. It leaves the area around the origin being extremely cold, and it kills off most plant life that it comes into contact with.

Determination and FortitudeEdit

This form of Darkness is dangerous only by the will of the origin being. It will act according to the user's wishes, boasting high attack and defense capabilities. This type of Darkness is mainly combat oriented, and can be used to achieve a great advantage.


The most grim type of Darkness, this form will slowly erode any color and life around the origin being, while at the same time, slowly pushing him/her further and further into a catatonic state before being reduced to a coma that he/she may never recover from. It is also dangerous in the fact that it kills all hope in the area, and as a result can spread from person to person, giving it world altering abilities.

Happiness and LoveEdit

Possibly the strangest type of Darkness, this manifestation is the most unpredictable and curious. This Darkness type acts in different ways depending on the origin being, but usually is unable to attack first, but can counter attack to defend, and is capable of extreme defensive ability, surpassing that of the manifestation of determination and fortitute. Love is slightly different, as it has the strongest defensive capability, seemingly being completely unbreakable by any means, and can branch out to the person the user has affection for, protecting him/her even if the two are far away. There are other behaviors exhibited, but they are not yet fully understood.

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