The End of Equestria is the hour-long series finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's rated TV-PG for real action & drama.

Plot OverviewEdit

As the years go by, the Main Six begin to go their separate ways. After that, Star Swirl returns to Equestria from the past using a time spell, he then creates a residue tunnel through time which merges history.


Going their separate ways Edit

Luna was standing outside alone looking into the night sky till Princess Celestia came. She shows her & Luna's horns are weakened. It was a little bit dried out on the tip. They describe how the Mane Six's friendship is beginning to dwindle. Celestia says that she will be at the library.

Celestia & Luna's Death Edit

Celestia is at the library, when the flash hits. She is shocked to see Star Swirl the Bearded. He is not happy with her. Star Swirl finds out about the outcome of Nightmare Moon, Discord, King Sombra, the plunderseeds, Sunset Shimmer, The Dazzlings, Starlight Glimmer & Tirek's return plus the Wedding. After finding out about the Mane 6, he kills Celestia & Luna & travels back in time.

"Research" Edit

First, he goes back to when Twilight first went to stop Nightmare Moon. There, he notices a strange magic coming from each member of the Mane Six during the trials. Next, he goes to when Discord returned & sees the Elements didn't work because of him. Then, he sees how Chrysalis & Sombra got defeated. Then, he's shocked to see that Twilight became an alicorn because she & Celestia messed with his book. Next, he sees how Twilight defeated Sunset Shimmer & the Dazzlings. After seeing the Mane Six give up the elements, defeat Tirek & drove Starlight Glimmer away, Star Swirl returns to the present. Twilight tells everyone that she couldn't have done it without Star Swirl. Seeing this, he says secretly:

"I am still very much alive."
— Star Swirl the Bearded

The Blizzard Edit

Star Swirl get control of the Windigoes for an idea of payback. The Mane Six, meanwhile notice the snow & ponies who've died of hypothermia. The Mane Six defeat a couple of Windigoes, but they keep coming. One alerts Star Swirl.

Getting rid of the ones responsible Edit

Star Swirl tracks down Coco Pommel, the Wonderbolts, Cheese Sandwich, Seabreeze, Silver Shill & Discord. He kills all of them, causing the Mane Six to have heart attacks. Afterwards, snow from the blizzard causes Manehattan, the Crystal Empire & Appleploosa to collapse, Cloudsdale to fall to the ground & shatter & Canterlot to both collapse & freeze.

The secret Edit

After finding out about Star Swirl the Bearded, the girls try to use the rainbow power on him. Star Swirl, meanwhile, gets comfy in Canterlot until he sees a rainbow coming at him. As the Mane Six are about to shoot him with Rainbow Power, Star Swirl says:

"Girls, would you want to hurt your own father?"
— Star Swirl the Bearded

This shocks the Mane Six so much their Rainbow Power wears off immediately.

Star Swirl's backstory Edit

Star Swirl explains that the Princess Platinum, Chancellor Puddinghead, Commander Hurricane & their assistants acted just like the Mane Six. After teaching Clover the Clever everything & meeting Scorpan, he created the blizzard to kill everyone, but Clover melted the snow. After they died, the Elements of Harmony manifested into the the Mane Six as foals. After taking care of them, he gives Applejack to her parents, Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash to Cloudsdale, Pinkie Pie to the Pie family, Rarity to her parents & Twilight to Night Light & Twilight Velvet. After that, Star Swirl explains that he persuaded Luna to attack Celestia. After sending her to the moon, Celestia sends Star Swirl back to the past.

Friendship is not Magic Edit

The Mane Six are shocked to hear this:

"Dad, why are you doing this?!?"
— Twilight Sparkle

Star Swirl explains that Twilight shouldn't have mess with his book. Mad with their real dad, the Mane Six try to power up their Rainbow Power by the Tree of Harmony, but it shatters. The Mane Six fire the blast, but nothing happens. Star Swirl explains that the Magic of Friendship is not as strong as they suggested. He breaks the fourth wall to say to the Mane Six & the audience:

"You see, everyone despite the name of the show, friendship is not an imprisonment, a right, a law, a rule, but most all friendship is not magic!"
— Star Swirl the Bearded

Despair Horizon Edit

After leaving, the Mane Six start have a fight over what to do. Twilight breaks up the fight & tells them:

"It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over."
— Twilight Sparkle

With that, the Mane Six completely stop being friends. In Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack tells her family everything will be alright before the barn collapses & kills them. In the forest, Fluttershy crawls into an area & dies. At Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie throws 1 more party before dying & place crumbles. At the Carousel Boutique, Rarity lies next to her sister's dead body before a windigo comes in & kills her. It then kills Rainbow Dash. At the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom, Twilight sheds a tear that freezes before her kingdom collapses.

Aftermath Edit

The blizzard finally dies down & the Mane Six's elemental essence gets captured by Star Swirl. He then heads to the real world to kill the crew who made the show. After killing them, he kills Lauren Faust. He returns to Equestria to find that it's disappearing. So he takes his stuff & goes back to the real world. After getting a house, Star Swirl starts experimenting with the Mane Six's elemental essence. Afterwards, he sends it to a lab to put it behind him. He then tells Cartoon Network & Nickelodeon to cancel their shows. He then gets a house to enjoy life now that he won.

Montage Edit

A montage shows Star Swirl enjoying life, but notices crying bronies. He also talks with celebrities:

  • He tells Adam Sandler that his career is not so good.
  • He takes a boat trip with Pitbull.
  • He conjures spirits of Billie Mayes, Steve Irwin, Steve Jobs & Paul Walker to tell them how's the afterlife.
  • He finds out Katy Perry is a werecat.
  • He attends a party with Robin Thicke, John Legend & Pharrell Williams.
  • He reenacts Platoon with Charlie Sheen (Like the DirectTV Commerical)
  • He appears on talk shows: Ellen, The Tonight Show, Tosh.o & The Craig Ferguson Show.
  • He fuses Kesha & Lorde into one being to impress Bradley Cooper.

News Report Edit

Star Swirl the Bearded comes home to see that a new report about a dangerous creature rampaging through Los Angeles. He notices that the creature is using rainbows to attack, that gets him worried, but reassures himself.

Harmony Edit

Star Swirl opens the door & is shocked to see the Main Six still alive who explain that they re-manifested in the lab. A epic battle (that is better than the one from Twilight's Kingdom) occurs, but Star Swirl the Bearded still defeats them. As they lie on the ground unconscious, they lament the fact that they failed as a clip-montage appears:

"No more Cider Season? No more Family Reunion?"
— Applejack
"No more songs?"
— Fluttershy
"No more parties??"
— Pinkie Pie
"No more Grand Galloping Gala? No more Fashion Week?"
— Rarity
"No more daring adventures??"
— Rainbow Dash
"No more spending time of friends??? No more Magic of Friendship????"
— Twilight Sparkle

It then fades to black. After a minute, we hear a voice say:

"I WON'T HAVE ANY OF THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
— Harmony

The Mane Six's bodies break apart & fall off, but reappear as red. They get Star Swirl's attention by saying:

"YOU! You can't even imagine what you just cost us!  Do you have any idea what we're like WHEN WE'RE MAD???!!"
— Mane Six

As they say this, their voices turn into Harmony's. A bright light engulfs them & Harmony is created. Star Swirl realizes that they're the creature he saw on TV. She is tall as Celestia & Star Swirl notices the Cutie Mark: An explosion with the sun, the moon & the Crystal Heart in the middle plus a balloon, apple, butterfly, gem & lightning bolt orbiting around it. The epic final battle begins. They break into a screening room where Bryan Cranston & Jennifer Lawrence are voice-acting, which gets confused realizing they're looking their voice actors. After being defeated, Star Swirl, on verge of tears, confesses:

"The reason why I don't understand is because I don't know it was such a big deal."
— Star Swirl the Bearded

Harmony, now comforting Star Swirl says:

"Friendship is based off forgiveness. And the lesson here is you can push someone so much until they break."
— Harmony

Epilogue Edit

Reviews Edit

The episode received universal acclaim. It became everyone's favorite episode for Bryan Cranston & Jennifer Lawrence's performances for Star Swirl the Bearded & Harmony & as a good way to end such a memorable show. The Mysterious Mr. Enter gave it a 10/10. Voice of Reason gives it 4 stars. Joshscorcher gives the episodes an A+. Erod gave it 10 points on the Badassitute Meter.

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