Skyla was kidnapped from her home as a little filly, and her so-called "mother" had wiped her memory, so she has no memory of where she's from. When she stumbles upon the truth, she isn't prepared for what comes next. Skyla is the lost princess of the Crystal Empire! She goes to the Empire, expecting a grand welcome from her subjects, the Crystal Ponies, but then she learns: That a princess has already taken the throne! A contest for rulership of the Crystal Empire takes place between Skyla and Princess Cadence, but is it really the answer to the rising tide of hatred and hard feelings?

Prologue: The Crystal PrincessEdit

A wall of black crystal surrounded Twilight Sparkle. She knew it was hopeless. No one could get the Crystal Heart to the Crystal Fair now, not after her foolishness. King Sombra would take over, and it would be all her fault. Unless... maybe she couldn't get the Heart to the Fair, but someone else could! "You have to take the Heart to the Crystal Fair," Twilght told Spike. Spike tried to protest, but Twilight shouted "GO!"

Spike wiped away his sweat, and ran off with the Crystal Heart, using the spiraling black crystals as a staircase. King Sombra looked up, and catching sight off Spike, roared, "That is MINE!" He took the form of a shadow of a black crystal, and when he was directly under Spike, a tower of black crystal burst from the ground, and King Sombra took on his physical form again.

Spike tripped, and was suddenly falling. He had no thoughts for himself, however; he was desperately trying to grab the Crystal Heart as Sombra got nearer. He had to get it. Not only would Twilight fail her test, but he would fail her. Rarity screamed, "Spikey-Wikey!" as the rest of the ponies looked up, though he hardly heard anything. Shining Armor, thinking fast, grabbed his wife, and Cadence, exausted, saw the Crystal Heart.

Renewed strength flowed through her limbs, and Cadence spread her wings. Shining Armor launched her towards the Heart, and she flew, intercepting Sombra and catching Spike, using her magic to carry the Crystal Heart. As she flew over the Crystal Ponies, they felt joy that they never remembered feeling. "Behold, the Crystal Princess!" A Crystal Pony shouted.

Here Princess Skyla's reign ended.

Chapter One: SkylaEdit

Skyla's life sucked. Seriously. For starters, her mother was cruel. Although her mother pretended to love her, Skyla knew that she actually hated her. You don't get many mothers who treat their one and only daughter as if the daughters are forever in their debt or something. "Today, you will wash the dishes, do the laundry, sweep the chimney, mop the floor, scrub the windows, paint the whole house a different colour, bake 10, 000 cookies all for me and if you eat a single one I will have you whipped. Actually, if you do an unsatisfactory job with anything, I will have you whipped. Feed the chickens, weed the garden, and get that all done by 5:00." Skyla wanted to say, "Hey genius, it's already 4:45," but instead, Skyla just said "Yes mother," and when it was 5:00, she had all but two chores done. Awesome. A double whipping for her. Skyla meeted out her punishment without crying. She went to bed at early, and woke up the next morning with a strange feeling.

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