It all started with Surprise, the Pegasus pony with puffy yellow hair, a coat colored like vanilla, and her violet eyes. It had been an ordinary morning. The rain had been pouring for nights, so long that ponies feared a flood. They shut their doors and windows, shivering as water began to leak into their houses, drizzling on them. 

             Ivy Rose lay in her hospital bed, unconcious. And suddenly, the rain suddenly stopped. The dirty water simply vanished, as if it had never existed. The leaking water had just dripped onto Ivy Rose's muzzle. She awaited another in her sleep. But none came. This awoke her, startling her. She saw Nurse Redheart standing in disbelief in front of her. In the nurse's sleeves was a little foal, her eyes closed as she murmured in her sleep. 

         "Whatever happened?" Ivy Rose spoke, wearily flapping her Pegasus wings. "It's as if.. all of that awful rain and gobbledygopok disappeared at this foal's birth." Ivy Rose gently took hold of her foal. "Her birth is a surprise. We supposed that this foal would not survive." Ivy Rose's gentle, rocking hooves froze. "What do you mean?" "Something went wrong. Something is still wrong with her. She's not completely healthy yet." Nurse Redheart uncomfortably paused. "Something is wrong with her progress. Her wings. Her weight... perhaps she should stay in the hospital for now." Ivy Rose trembled, gathering her foal closer to her. And the foal opened its eyes- its lovely, violet eyes, its plain hair suddenly poofing out. A sudden rainbow spead the sky. Nurse Redheart gasped. "What a surprise!" 

          And that was a surpise, indeed! "You're quite the surprise, sweetie." Nurse Redheart gently and hastily nuzzles the filly. "Yes. That's why I name her that." And that was the birth of this amazing Pegasus.

                                                      Chapter One

             "Mama, will I ever learn how to fly?" Surprise sighed, laying her head on the couch. It was a true fact- Surprise really did have problems in her growth. She woke up constantly at night, wailing, and didn't weigh enough. It was difficult for her to adjust, unable to learn colors, how to read, and many other basic things when she should be capable of it. She couldn't eat without a mess or eat what she should, grabbing at leaves and even vemonous animals, terrifying her classmates/peers and teacher, Ms. Windith. 

             The community had suggested sending Surprise to a special home where she would be able to grow and learn at her own pace, instead of flunking everything as they moved on with the school year. Ivy Rose had refused. She believed Surprise should grow with her own family and develop normally. The special homes would not permit her to see her daughter, and they had strict counselors per filly/colt that used discpline wands and beat at the children for mistakes. Surprise wouldn't be able to survive in such an enviroment- she had more problems than most, and could not handle the punishments-no food, no sleep, no water. 

        So here Surprise was. Her wings didn't work yet, and she didn't have the correct balance to do so. She sighed, inhaling the dandelion soup her mother was stirring for supper. The filly usually held a cheerful disposition. Tonight, she felt upset. Lavender had bullied her with Starry and Sparka AGAIN.

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