The Nostalagia Critic, The Voice of Reason, Brony Curious & AnY Pony had defeated the Mane 6. But little do they know, Celestia has a plan.

NC= Nostalagia Critic

VOR= Voice of Reason

BC=Brony Curious

AP= AnY Pony


NC: That was easier than I thought.

VOR: Yeah.

BC: Who knew that our reviewing was more powerful than thier friendship.

AP: Now we got our control of Equestria back.

(All 4 do an evil laugh)

(Meanwhile, Trixie & Discord carry the bodies of Mane 6 to Celestia)

Celestia: What happened?

Trixie: Those 4 jerks just killed them.

Celestia: It seems that thier reviewing power is too strong with the Elements of Harmony seperated. So I got an idea. (smiles ominously)

The Reviewers' TakeoverEdit

NC: Citizens of Ponyville. We have defeated your champions. And now, we will rule your world! (laughs evilly)

(everyone screams)

VOR: Now make this show better! NOW!

Celestia's PlanEdit

Princess Luna: Sister, the Nostalagia Critic & his team has conquered Equestria. What is your plan you mentioned? 

Princess Celestia: I'm glad you asked. I combined my subjects' cutie marks into this. (shows the cutie mark: it's a combination the mane 6's) And now the time has come to put an end to this, once & for all.


Princess Celestia: Wake up.

Mane 6: We're alive?!

Princess Celestia: Yes.

Mane 6: Are we back to normal?

Princess Celestia (lying): Sure. Now go get who killed you!

Mane 6: With pleasure!

AnY Pony & Brony Curious' defeatsEdit

(AnY Pony is walking when something swoops past)

AP: Who's there?

???: Me!

AP: What the?! The Mysterious Mare Do Well ?! (gets blasted with magic) Noooo!!

(Meanwhile, Brony Curious & Tommy Oliver are talking)

Tommy: So you defeated the Mane 6?

BC: Yup. Come lets go home. (go on a bus)

(After a while, the Mysterious Mare Do Well bucks the bus to stop)

Both: Huh? (sees her) The Mysterious Mare Do Well?! Aaaahhh!!! (get hit with the stare)

The Voice of Reason's defeatEdit

(The next morning, The Voice of Reason sees his friends)

VOR: What happened?!

BC: We attacked by the Mysterious Mare Do Well!

VOR: WHAT?!?!? (sees Mare Do Well & gasps)

Mare Do Well: Where's the Nostalagia Critic?!

VOR: I'm not telling you! Take this! (fires a blast & Mare Do Well dodges & fires the Rainbow Cannon) NNOOO!!!!!

The CallEdit

Nostalagia Critic: And that's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic now sucks. (his phones rings) Hello?

Mare Do Well: I know what did 2 days ago?

Nostalagia Critic: Who is this?

Mare Do Well: I'm going ask you 1 more time: Give Equestria back to Celestia or I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN & GUT YOU LIKE A FISH!!! (normally) Please?

NC: Hell, no! Bye! (hangs up)

The RevealEdit

(Later that night, Nostalagia Critic is sleeping when his doorbell rings & he wakes up)

NC: Now who could that be? (opens a door & gets a shocked look on his face) The Mysterious Mare Do Well?! (gets punched down) What the hell is going on?! What do you want?!

Mare Do Well: I want Equestria back to Celestia.

NC: Forget it! I'm not giving Equestria to that excuse of a Princess!

Mare Do Well: How dare you say that about Celestia!

NC: Wait a minute! How do you know about Celestia?! Who are you?!

Mare Do Well: You don't remember us?! (takes off the costume)

(Nostalagia Critic screams in horror)

(The Being blasts the Rainbow Cannon at Nostalagia Critic)

NC: NNNOOOO!!!!! (everything goes back to normal except 1 thing)

Mane 6: Why did you scream?

NC: Um... I think you need to look in a mirror. (gives her one & puts 2 pillows over his ears)

(The being seems to have half of Twilight & Fluttershy's faces, Rarity's front half, Rainbow Dash's wings, Applejack's back half & Pinkie Pie's tail. No wonder the voice is a mix of the 6)

(She twitches her eye)

(meanwhile, her scream can be heard from Celestia's castle)

The EndEdit

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