the great disney and hasbro movie is a movie that premired in theaters  and is about friendship and how to be a true friend and it can premire on disney channel,disney junior,disney xd,and the hub


twilight sparkle

pinkie pie

rainbow dash


apple jack


spike the dragon

princess cadence

princess celestia

princess cadence

wreck it ralph

fix it felix

sargent calhoun

vanellope von schweetz

apple bloom

sweetie bell


woody (from toy story)

jessie (from toy story)

buzz ligthyear

the rest of the toy gang (from toy story)

main intro lyricsEdit

my little pony my little pony ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhh my little pony i allways wondered  what friendship would be my little my little my little pony ahhhhhhhh

  • music plays for a while*

my little pony i allways wondered what friendship would be my little pony i allway wondered what friendship would be

  • music plays some more*

i allways wondered what friendship would be and magic makes it all complete my little pony do you know you are my very best friends


  • you would see the out side of the castle for a few seconds then the inside of the castle and princess celestia and princess luna was looking out a window

princess luna:you really think they can do it

princess celestia:i do besides they must do it because all of equestia and more are in dager and they are connceted to the elements of harmony

princess luna:i know i just hope they can beat her after all she is more powerful then you and me we were lucky that we beat her the last time

princess celestia:i agree my sister i agree

  • then its the main intro but after that twilight,spike,and the rest of the pony gang were having a pet playdate with there pets

rainbow dash:ok tank remember you need to consetrate

pinkie pie:i love you gummy no i love you more NO I LOVE YOU MORE NO I LOVE YOU MORE

  • spikes fire breath makes a letter from princess celestia appear

pinkie pie:NO I LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

twilight:girls looks like our pet playdate will need to be cut short

  • twilight uses her magic to show the letter to everyone

twilight:i just got a letter from the princess

  • rareity,applejack,rainbowdash,pinkiepie,flutter shy all gasp

twilight:come on girls

  • spike jumps on twilight
  • applebloom,sweetiebell,scottelo all notice

applebloom:come on girls

sweetiebell:but they will never let us go with them


applebloom:well maybe we can be cutie mark crusader stowaways


applebloom,scotterlo,and sweetiebell:cutie mark crusaders GO

  • applebloom,scotterlo,sweetiebell all run after the girls
  • a little while later the pony gang and spike made it to the castle and princess celestia,princess luna,and princess cadence were all standing up infront of them

twilight:princess whats going on

  • princess celestia uses her magic to make a portal appear

princess celestia:you all must go into the other world through this portal


princess celestia:princess twilight you and your friends have to save our world

princess luna:a long time ago there was another princess queen mirissa she loved to watch the ponies smile and have fun but one day she got tired of see others smiling and she couldnt so she made a new demention

princess celestia:and tried to take ponies with her and ruine equestria she used her frown powers to attack but luna and i defeated her until she gave up and made the demention and returned in it luna and i put a spell on the portal to never return but her magic has seamed to get stronger and better and she broke the spell do you esept this task

twilight:i do

applejack:we all do


  • everyone notices the cutie mark crusaders are there

applejack:girls you cant

princess celestia: its ok they can go they may help you a little in friendship


  • twilight,spike,the pony gang,and the cuttie mark crusaders all go through the portal
  • meanwhile in the arcade world in fix it felix jr the game

ralph: so what do you wanna do guys

vanellope:how about

  • then a portal appears

vanellope:what the

  • the portal sucks all of them in
  • meanwhile in boonies room
  • a portal appears

woody: oh know


  • the portal sucks all the toys in
  • meanwhile in a forest in the real human world the real one in a forest
  • pinkie pie falls from the sky screaming
  • pinkie pie lands on her face
  • pinkie pie gets up

pinkie pie: ow

  • vanellope falls from the sky screaming
  • vanellope lands on her face
  • vanellope gets up

vanellope: ow

  • vanellope spots pinkie pie

vanellope: wow a horse

pinkie pie:wow ah wait what are you

  • vanellope gaso
  • vanellope screams
  • vanellope runs away screaming
  • wreck it ralph,fix it felix,and sargent calhoun all fall from the sky and then all get up

vanellope:TALKING PONY

  • ralph grabs vanellope
  • vanellope stops screaming

ralph:vanellope whats wronge

vanellope:theres a talking pony

ralph:i think you need a little more sleep

  • pinkie pie goes over to them

pinkie pie:nope shes pretty much spot on

  • pinkie pie sniffs ralph
  • pinkie pie jaw drops
  • ralph puts vanellope down

vanellope:way to go stinkbrain

ralph:i cant help im not higenic

  • rainbow dash falls from the sky screaming
  • rainbow dash stops her self from landing on her face by flying

rainbow dash:*yelling*what the what are you guys and what have you done to pinkie pie

vanellope:she made a hudeg mistake she snift ralph

ralph:thats me im ralph wreck it ralph

rainbow dash:well im rainbow dash and you 3 are

vanellope:im vanellope von schweetz

fix it felix:im fix it felix jr. from the game fix it felix jr.

calhoun:im sargent calhoun

rainbow dash:oh well anyway have you seen my friends and tank WAIT did you say game

felix:oh yeah you see im from

pinkie pies jaw gets nack in place

pinkie pie:totaly from this world were video games come to life when the arcades closes

felix:yes how did you know

pinkie pie:just a hunch

  • vanellope giggles
  • pinkie pie starts shivering
  • pinkie pie stops shivering

pinkie pie:oh know oh know OH KNOW

ralph:i think we hit are heads to hard when we fell

  • twilight and spike walk over

spike:i told you twilight this is where they are

ralph:and now i see a dragon with a nicorn with wings

twilight:alicorn anyway my name is twilight sparkle

spike:and i'm spike the dragon

felix:aw your adorible spike

vanellope:i thought i was adorible

  • fluttershy falls from the sky screaming
  • fluttershy lands on her feet
  • fluttershy spots wreck it ralph

fluttershy:oh my um hi mister monster

ralph:how dare you i'm not a monster

fluttershy:i i i'm sorry

felix:aw ralph you hurt her fealings

calhoun:you should be ashame of yourself shes just shy

fluttershy:actuly i'm i i i'm


fluttershy:*quietly* fluttershy



  • everyone looks at twilight

twilight:sorry sorry

vanellope:well this is a strange way to spend 5:00 pm

ralph:wait i thought the arcade closed at 6 today

vanellope:it had to be closed an hour early remeber

ralph:oh yeah

twilight:did you just say

pinkie pie:there from this magical arcade world

twilight:well were from a magical pony world

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