Storm Walker is the second of the four children that came from Grand Seal and Grand Spell, the oldest being a bright yellow unicorn with a a dark orange mane named Sunshine Bottle, and thus far is the only pegasus in the recorded family historties of the nation that he along with Dream Step and Eclipse touch ran away from, they diliberately avoid naming the nation outright because of all the sociallogical and emotional damages it did to Storm Walker and could of potentially done to the twins. After the twins had grown old enough to walk, under Storm Walker's supervision, Dream Step somehow managed to tap into a recessive aspect of her dream walking ability that went dormant the moment the 3 arrived in a rural Equestrian town, presumably Ponyville or a similarly structured small town in Equestria. After about a week of living in Equestria Storm Walker decided it was time to seek out Equestria's rulers, but he has yet to do so because he has not found anypony he has deemed truly trust worthy to look after Dream and Eclipse in his stead while he explains things to Equestria rulers, althought it would be interesting to see how the mane 6 of MLP act as their foalsitters. The events described happen after most of the series, with Eclipse and Dream being around the age Twilight Sparkle was when Celestia took Twilight under her wing.

Social norms and statuses in their prior nationEdit

In their old nation the country is ruled by a powerful unicorn by the name of Artanus LVIII. It is belived that alicorns are a myth since none have been seen their nation or documented in recorded or family histories. Alicorn is instead used as a title for high ranking members of the nobility, all of whom are unicorns. The culture of their nation is built around family presige, and tends to grind the ambitions of none unicorns through the ground with its rigid hierachial structure which does not allow for one to rise above their station or caste outside of marridge. There have some cases where Earth Ponies and Pegasi have enjoyed a position as someone under the immediate "protection" of one of the nobility, but this mostly a result of these ponies providing something that is hard to come by and showing that the unicorns are lacking in their abilities regarding what was presented.

Family informationEdit

Their grandmother on their mom's side of the family is known as Grand Charm, despite her being a pony with no genuine charm to her, and is the current head of their mother's unicorn clan and is very powerful in her pressence and magic. Their older sister Sunshine Bottle is under the belief that by making others happy she can make her mother happy and to this extent her special magical ability is embed a false sense joy or happiness into others which is short lived and makes those affected by her magic feeling empty inside when the spell has ended, this reflective her not truly understanding joy and/or happiness and I personally like think of her being something kind of flipside comparison to Pinkie Pie whom fills others up with joy and happiness from their core and would love to see what kind of interaction the 2 would have if they met. The family history is stated and shown to all 3 to go back over 120 generations, all unicorns on both sides. Her mother's family claims to have started recieving benefits from aiding in the foundation of the country 109 generations ago. Their father's family has made a similar claim. Despite the duties expected of nobility both sides of their family have only listened to the plees of unicorns and only performed their duties to the benefit of unicorns under their jurisdictions, completely ignoring Pegasi and Earth Ponies and only acting on what these demographics requested after similar requests were made by unicorns. Storm Walker was placed in the care of a pair of pegasi that work as live in servants at the family's manor, and in turn the twins were left in his care after they were born, it was from these pegasi that Storm Walker learned how to fly. Their family almost never takes care of children born into it and instead leaves most of the care to their servants and only takes time in raising th children when giving lessons on society, etiquette, family history, traditions and magic.

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