Alright! Let's do it!

—Thunder Shock

Thunder Shock is a pegasus pony born in Canterlot.
Thunder Shock
Gender Male
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Occupation Second Knight of the White Knights - First Generation
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Cutie Mark Crossed lighting bolts

Early Life

Thunder Shock was born into a noble family in Canterlot, so he was raised as such. However, he never liked the lifestyle his parents chose for him. He was rebellious, and regularly made a show for everyone at fancy parties. He had learned to fly at a young age and often flew around Canterlot. Due to his nature, his parents decided he wasn't fit for life at Canterlot, so he was sent to his grandparents, who lived in Cloudsdale. Thunder Shock was free to do pretty much whatever he wanted there, and he was happy with his new life outside of Canterlot. He had lived there for a few years until he got his own house in the the higher sections of Cloudsdale.

The White Knights

Thunder Shock applied for the White Knights because he felt he needed to do more with his life. He was put through many tests by Lightblade and in the end, he was given the position of Second Knight. His energy bands bonded well with him, and gave Thunder Shock multiple abilities attributed to lightning. As second in command of the White Knights, he is in charge when Light is away on other duties.


Thunder Shock is a bold colt who always likes to challenge others. He doesn't like to lose, but he still appreciates the competition. He likes to have fun more than anything. He sometimes gets overconfident in his abilities, however, and often overlooks consequences to his actions, sometimes jumping into a situation before he even knows what's going on. He takes his job as Second Knight seriously, but isn't too strict. When with the other knights, he isn't much of a leader, but he is the best follower to have around. He is mostly a supporter, providing cover for his allies and protecting them from any danger.


Thunder Shock is naturally fast, and has incredible reflexes. His flight skill is very high, and he used this to his advantage in combat. He is skilled in both hoof-to-hoof and magic combat, taught by Lightblade, and his lightning abilities can be used to either stun or kill a target.