Tickle-Me-Pink (Often referred to as Tickle) is a curious and questioning Unicorn pony. She is the daughter of Emerald Eyes.

Tickle Metilda Pink
Gender Female
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Eyes Yellow
Mane Crimson
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Coat Ham pink
Cutie Mark Feather



She was born a few years after Emerald got her job at the bank, only her brother to be a role model for her. About a month after Emerald left the bank, Tickle enrolled in Ponyville's school system. She is a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, even though she already has her mark, because she wishes for her friends to gets theirs.

She currently is the second best in her class, excelled only by Sky High.


Emerald Eyes - Mother

Rosary - Father

Dragonfly - Brother

Sky High - Rival

Applebloom - Friend

Sweetie Belle - Friend

Scootaloo - Friend