Tiger Lilly is a vegetable growing earth pony mare and is the twin sister of Dandylion. Together, the two have won the "Best Crop" prize in the past three agricultural fairs in Ponyville.

Tiger "Lilly" Lillith
Gender Female
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Occupation Farmer
Eyes Green
Mane Black
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Coat Orange with black stripes and white underbelly
Cutie Mark Carrot in a tiger paw


Tiger Lilly is a bright orange earth pony with green eyes. She has black strippes running down her back and legs and a white underbelly. She also has white hooves. Many people often mistake her for a tiger when they first meet.


She was born with Dandylion on a vegetable farm, her parents being Spring Greens and April Showers. As a young foal, she was taught alongside her sister how to properly plant, grow, and harvest vegetables and other plants. During the summer, she'd see her aunt Carrot Top, and became curious of the town life. When her parents agreed, she and Dandylion moved to Ponyville, cultivating a backyard garden and selling their produce. Later on, Marigold was found unconcious on a trip to see their parents, so they cancelled and took Marigold back home. After a while, the dragon warmed up to them and agreed to guard their crops, as somebody had been stealing them. Afterwards, they started making vegetable juice, which helped them earn a lot of money. They always sent plenty to their parents every month, and are still going about that routine this very day.


April Showers - Mother

Spring Greens - Father

Dandylion - Twin sister

Mayflower - Sister

Gumball Goof - Half Brother


  • Farming


  • "Well, gosh darn it! That thief's at it again, Danders!" - Telling Dandylion somepony stole some vegetables
  • "Whaddaya know! Looks like the little critter was just feeding his family!" - After being shown my Marigold that it was a rabbit stealing the crops


  • She and her sister look like two large cats, Lilly looking like a tiger, and Dandy looking like a lion, hence the names.
    • They are great friends with any other farming pony, but get ticked when a pony litters or wastes a resource.
  • The rabbit that stole their vegetables now lives with them as a pet, helping out when he can. He's allowed to take as many veggies as he needs to feed his family, just as long as he leaves the seeds.
  • There are times when she may sleepwalk, though this is rare.
  • She doesn't like when ponies misspell her name as "Tiger Lily". Or other people that like her.

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