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Time Spinner is a fanmade character and main OC of NeoExlucky. He is a pony with the ability to stop time for 2 seconds on his own and 12 with the help of his pocket watch. He appears in several Roleplays on and is one of the main characters in the upcoming series My Little Pony: Destiny, (Destiny for short.)


Time Spinner has a grey coat and a Brown/ red wineish mane and tail. He wears black wire framed glasses with his blue eyes. He is also normally seen wearing a golden Pocket Watch.


Often made the leader or to support his team, Time is an Intelligent Pony who is very awkward due to his Time Shock. He will often be surprised by the new items and inventions of the future. He is tactical and sometimes a bit harsh on those who are evil. He can be a bit boring but he does love arcade games, Books, and adventuring. Sometimes he will hold grudges against some ponies too much and it will cloud his eyesight.


Time grew up in the Discordian era where Discord was still in power and Time's parents were killed due to his anarchy. Time grew up with a Filly named Aqua and the Two became best friends, Time even fell in love with her.  Time and Aqua once, while playing, had run into a dragon and almost killed Aqua. Time had panicked and got his cutie mark by stopping Time and freeing Aqua. They managed to escape and Time had continuted to practice this skill but was only able to stop time for 2 seconds. When they were old enough they joined the rebellion and became soldiers. It was discovered that Time's mother was a clarion, a Unicorn gifted in one school of magic. She was also one of the soldiers in the rebellion. One of her friends was Seasona, the clarion of Time who left an artifact at the old academy. Time, Aqua, and another group of ponies left to go to the academy. There Time found a pocket watch and his time travel abilites increased to 12 seconds but at a cost. If Time holds it for more than 12 seconds, then an evil being, dubbed Diety, will take over and try to kill anyone his his path. When they returned it was discovered that Aqua had developed Phymosis. Time tried to discover a cure for her but instead met a crazy Unicorn named Jamora who sent him 2000 years into the future. (One day before the season 1 premiere.) During this time he became a watcher, a pony who watches others do anything and everything. Time was sent to Watch Twilight Sparkle and seemed to develop a hatred for her. During one year Time became very suicidal and even tried to commit Suicide but was rescued by a pegasus, named Gadget. Gadget suffered from amnesia and did not know his family or where he lived. Time Spinner took him in and the two became adopted Brothers. They lived a normal life for 2 more years and after the coronation of Twilight the events of Destiny take place.

A calmer lifeEdit

There is another version of Time Spinner called Time 2.0 by NeoExlucky. This version is much less OC-ish and is simply a normal pony who lives in canterlot as a historian. He does not have any special magic or any other abilites abnormal. Time 2.0 has always lived a happy life in Canterlot, though his parents are from Trottingham. His father, Clock Sphera is a watch maker and mother, Blaze Bolero, is a singer.


Time is in several RolePlays and is in Destiny so NeoExlucky has catorgorized each as cannon in it's own Time line.


Destiny is an upcoming series that NeoExlucky is developing. It centers around Time Spinner and friends discovering the Scribes of themselves, (Their true Destiny.) and live normal lives, or try to. This series is still in development and is going to premiere on Youtube but does have a cannon, sister series called Diary of a lost foal which tells the events of five ponies before the events of Destiny transpire.


The Legacy Timeline is a collection of Roleplays that are all cannon to one another. This timeline takes place over about 3-4 years. In order they go:

Hearts and hooves day/ Lovestruck incident: Time lives in ponyville and his best friend, Echo Forte, helps him find a date in Pocket Watch. They have a party during this time that quickly goes downhill as Discord planys a chaos seed in the punch bowl, whichs creates a type of zombie like creatures. Time survives by working with several Ponies who become regulars in the Legacy Timeline. These ponies are Flashbomb, Leisha/Chrysalis, AngelSnapp, and Lyria. Pocket Watch, and Echo Forte disappear after this moment but it is mentioned that Pocket Watch is a theif before the end.

Recovery: While not a RP This time frame was when Time Spinner met Gadget and moved to Canterlot.

The Academy Chapter 1: Gadget is sent to the Wonderbolts academy and becomes a wonderbolt, certain events are mentioned from the lovestruck incident and it is confirmed that Gadget suffers from amnesia here. Though it may be different from the one in the main storyline.

Time's Story 1/3: While never finished this RP shows Time Spinner learning to forgive himself of the things he's done and forget certain events, this also caused most of the world to forget, except the alicorns, elements of harmony, and Flashbomb.

The Academy Chapter 2: In this RolePlay the character Swift Blitz is introduced and Gadget mentors her. He becomes a Shadowbolt and fights the others, nearly killed two important Ponies, Veloctiy and Shimmer, who were also introduced in this RolePlay. Gadget has a vision afterwards that says that Flashbomb's mother might be alive and has another vision which says that the entire world is destroyed. Princess Sundial is introduced and turns evil when Gadget breaks her heart, as she was engaged to Gadget before he lost his memory.

The Academy Chapter 3: Time Spinner returns to the Timeline with Gadget and Swift Blitz living with him. The group moves through Canterlot as it's being destroyed. Time Spinner meets Shimmer and performs an effective Healing Spell, but it causes him to fall in love with Shimmer. The group continutes to move with Shimmer and her squad and run into the Shadowbolts again. They manage to kill Velocity, Shimmer's Brother, FlashBomb and Gadget. Time Spinner heals Shimmer again and 6 months later they are engaged. It is seen that Sundial, Echo Forte, Pocket Watch, and another pony, Celso, work together and have stolen Time's Pocket watch.

???: NeoExlucky has said that he will do one more RP to conclude the Legacy timeline before he moves on to other characters


The Locked timeline is a series which features Time Spinner's daughter's, Seeker and Silver Chain. Two fillies with the power to see lies. Time takes a back seat in this timeline as their father but doesn't do much outside of offer them help. Time's wife is unnamed in the series but it is referenced to take place after the Legacy Timeline, so that would make it Shimmer.

Chain of TruthsEdit

The Chain of Truths Timeline is almost the same to the Locked timeline but with a lot of exceptions made. Gadget was never killed and several other ponies still exist. Time's wife is still unknown in this Time line.


Time Spinner is the Element of Hope in the elements reprised Series. He accompanies the newcomers of the elements of Harmony. In this Timeline Time Spinner develops a crush upon Twilight and Rarity. The Timeline was written and edited by NeoExlucky but never published.

Ponyvillie daysEdit

Time Spinner's first timeline takes place in Ponyville where just like he is in Elemental, he is an element of harmony. The element of Connection is what he is called in this one. Here he develops a crush on Fluttershy and Lyra. It also is the closest timeline to the Spiteverse.

The SpiteverseEdit

The events of the spiteverse take place after Discord changes Twilight to be discorded. He then murders Celestia and Luna and a few days later Twilight becomes an Alicorn, kills Discord, and is corrupted by Power. Time Spinner, being from the Discordian Era, cannot become discorded but is so fueled by anger at Twilight that Deity takes over, and fufils his blood requirment to have enough power to change places with Time. Deity becomes his being and marries a Discorded Lyra. While Deity is supposed to be a being of evil, his old self starts to take a higher role and will sometimes flash by him, causing him to say or do odd things, and just like before, If deity does something that would drain him, Time Spinner takes over for a short while and can help or hinder who Deity is speaking too. Deity's best friend in this Timeline is a discorded Digibrony.

Sonic X MlpEdit

In this strange Cross-over, Time Spinner is a pony with knowledge of the human. He understands the power of humans and can communicate with a human named NeoExlucky. When a character from the sonic world appears Time Spinner understands that he is a creation of NeoExlucky's and appeared in Equestria to help Neo fight anarchy, an enemy of Equestria.

The Second time Tranquility and Time met he wasn't alone. This time Tranquility was accompinied by Crystal Treetop, another character from the Sonic world. Time Spinner, Tranquility, and Crystal go on a journey and find a tardis. However as soon as Time touched it the other two were sent back to Mobius. It is unknown what happen to him afterwards.


Time TravelEdit

Time can stop time for 12 seconds as long as he has the pocket watch on him.

Normal MagicEdit

Time can use normal magic with ease and can heal also but he cannot use any special schools of magic.


"Well isn't that just Dandy." Time when he's told about the evil of King Sombra.

"You know I hate you all." When talking to his friends and they do something he hates.

"I'm just gonna say this one thing; I'm tired and hurt. I'm going to bed." Time after fighting an ursa Minor.

"How is Twilight Sparkle worthy of becoming an Alicorn?" Time after the conflict of the coronation.

"Wait...I'm an element of Harmony?" Time after he uses the element of Courage.

"No...No...NO!" Time changing into Deity after Celestia and Luna are killed.

"You see, don't know exactly what to say...I've liked you for a long time." Time after Lyra says she likes him.

Theme SongEdit

Live and Learn by Crush 40: 

Live and Learn with Lyrics - Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) - Crush 4004:36

Live and Learn with Lyrics - Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) - Crush 40

Connection to Lyrics:Edit

" Hanging on the edge of Tomorrow, from the works of yesterday." Time Spinner is from the past but is on the verge of a new future.

"But you can save your sorrow." Time has a bad past but tries to live a better life.

"Can you feel time slipping down your spine." The feeling described when he stops time.

"But you can hardly swallow your fears and pain." Time fears becoming Deity.

"You may never find your way." Time needs to learn his purpose for this time frame.


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