Tormented Spirits is a foal pony that is the daughter of Discord and Pinkie Pie. She is the younger sister of Pink Disco (Here) and half sister of Axis Solaris and Axis Lunaris.

Tormented Spirits
Gender Female
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Eyes Red
Mane Silver
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Coat Tan
Cutie Mark None


Tormented Spirits has a pale tan coat with a silver mane. She has a horn like one of Discord's, a pegasus wing, and a bat wing. Like Discord, she has yellow eyes with red irises. In her mouth there are a few sharp fangs.


Tormented Spirits was born in Ponyville, appearing on Pinkie's bedside like her sister, Pink Disco. Pinkie did her best to hide her from her friends, and even sent her to Fillydelphia for a time. Later, Moon Drop escorted Spirits back to Ponyville once Pinkie's friends found out about Disco. Since then, she has not left her mother's side, and often partakes in her activities.

Spirits is best friends with Pumpkin and Pound Cake, and is usually playing along with them and Pinkie Pie.


She has the ability to create small bits of unbalance, such as messing up a Pony's mane, and can teleport short distances. Since she has wings, she can fly, and she can move things around with her horn as well.


Discord - Father

Pinkie Pie - Mother

Celestia - Stepmother

Axis Solaris - Half Brother

Axis Lunaris - Half Sister

Pink Disco - Sister

Luna - Step Aunt

Blueblood - Cousin


  • "Oh come on, Pink! Life isn't ALWAYS a party!" - Complaining to Pink Disco about the volume of her music
  • "Huh? Draco-what-is?" - ???


  • Since Discord is her father, she is part Draconis, but this causes her to be part Pegasus and Unicorn as well.